Skating on thin ice – Keith Bailey @ M16 Artspace

6-23 July 2017

This exhibition in July resulted from a trip Keith Bailey took to Antarctica. The display combines black and white photographic prints with grand icy blue paintings. The blue is a richer hue than what I have seen in other works out of the area but the impression on the long wall of the space truly evokes the unoccupied spacial grandeur of the massive ice sheets. Pics and gallery material give insight to Bailey’s great sense of the area.

Step into the limelight @ ANU School of Art Gallery

July – Aug 2017

An annual exhibition of art created by students in schools in held under the title Ïnto the Limelight. It was exhibited at the ANU School of Arts Gallery. Each year there is a huge range of skills and creativity in this exhibition. The curators take in a big range of ages and the exhibition includes pottery, painting, photography and fashion. There are some samples below to illustrate the range.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017 @ Australian National Maritime Museum

Till 9 October 2017

Jaw dropping does not do justice to this exhibition. Our created world has beauty in front of us on every side every day. Take that raw material, mix it with creative adventurous people armed with skill and awesome technology then display on the walls the selected best from their efforts and the results will stop you in your tracks.

Walking around this space my brain was telling me “How much beauty can I absorb this hour?” These photographers do stuff on animals, birds and fish. They have sent in snaps from every part of the planet and all seasons and times of the day. They reveal stuff maybe Attenborough has not seen. It boggles the mind to see this selection of our created world on the wall in such rich texture and colour.

I was not allowed to take pictures of the pictures for copyright reasons so I have for my own recollection I have attached pictures of the nature inspired indigenous art works that are woven into the exhibition space.

Perhaps the most marvelous part of this were the three or four categories for the under 18 year olds. Some of their work was truly amazing.

The web link with some of the pictures is below also.


Changing Tides: Waters of the Past – Tracey Benson @ Belconnen Arts Centre

8-30 April 2017

Tracey Benson has a starkly beautiful set of photos on display at Belconnen Arts Centre. They are of forbidding landscapes with connections to runes and a deep Nordic heritage. In the gallery there are also a set of artifacts to connect with the photos. Below are some pics and gallery material to give a sense of the exhibition

Move up to the view – David Flanagan @Photoaccess

David Flanagan created for this exhibition a gorgeous set of black and white photographs that integrate the striking topography that surrounds every part of Canberra with the stark barrenness of developing suburban landscapes. Cleared ground, chain fencing, unoccupied streetscapes give the viewer the  picture that has been ever .present in Canberra for over 60 years

Some sample pics below