Rubies @ ANU School of Art Gallery

10 August – 9 September 2017

The Rubies exhibition is a bringing together works from a group of artists involved in the Early Artists Support Scheme (EASS). There is a adventurousness about the works and as the group is new to art practice there is a marvelous range of styles and approaches on display. Have a look below at some of the samples.

Disencumbered #2 – Keith Bender @ Belconnen Arts Centre

29 July – 20 August 2017

Keith Bender makes wonderful artworks out of rough hard steel. This exhibition at Belconnen Arts Centre features a single work titled Disencumbered #2. Its cheerful yellow surfaces warms up the cold concrete courtyard in which it is established. I was tempted to crawl through the arch tunnel that this work creates. It is beautiful and the gallery sheet below explains it better than I could (Pics included)


Art Park Sculpture – Sculpture in the City 2017 @ Deutche Bank Building Sydney

It is a treat to see great sculpture embedded in the city. Over the years the Art Park people have used many powerful locations to display contemporary metal sculpture. This year I encountered their exhibited works in the open space and the foyer beneath the Deutche Bank Building in Sydney.

Metal sculpture can be cold and clinical but lots of it is fun and stimulating. In the over 30 works on display. there is colour, there softness in surface finishes and there is marvelous adventurousness in many styles.

Below are a collection of the works with some gallery material.

Emerging Contemporaries @ CraftACT

A recent exhibition at Craft ACT was an explosion of gorgeous creativity and craft skill. All participants are classed as emerging but none of them are inexperienced in bringing to exhibition remarkable works of art. The range of materials used was wonderful and the integration of different materials into the same work was impressive. Sample pictures and gallery materials are included below.

Christian Hall – Next @ Craft ACT

26 May – 21 July 2016

A recent exhibition at Craft exhibition featured the extraordinary metal art of Christian Hall. The works included furniture, jjewellery light fittings and other useful objects. The metal is exquisitely cut and designed and draws the eye to empty space and gorgeous geometry. The sample pics and gallery material are below

Bro.och @ Bilk Gallery Manuka

Closed  July 15 2017

I pop into Bilk every now and then and it is always exciting. The visit in July encountered Bro.och – a set of exquisitely crafted examples of pin on jewellery. Nothing that goes up at Bilk at Manuka is rough. There is always a focus on precision and thought through detail.

There was a great review in the Canberra Times of this and I have included that link and some poor quality pics. A visit to Bilk is always a treat.

On the streets where you live – Stephanie Jones @ Canberra Contemporary Arts Space – City

1 June – 1 July 2017

Stephanie Jones has a gorgeous exhibition on at the city gallery of the Canberra Contemporary Arts Space. Her works are inspired by decorative suburban wrought iron and streets. Most of the images are reproductions of simple iron patterns with the patterns backgounded with pastel colours. There is another image that I love in which she has worked a set of suburban streets with the same colouration of the wrought iron sets.

Below are a set of images and some gallery materials.