Martin Paull – Recent small paintings @ M16 Artspace

4-21 May 2017

The work shown by Martin Paull at M16 in May were charming. Blue abstract watercolours were woven together with confronting cut and paste collage elements. He wove some local real world landmarks with strong brushed parts. The pics below give you some examples of his work and there is gallery material as well.

Sue Lovegrove – Book of trees @ Beaver Galleries

20 October – 6 November 2016

Lots of art is fun because of the elements that are put together. Sue Lovegrove has woven intricate Persian design and calligraphy with Australian native trees to create what could convincingly be wall panels off an old house or end pages fro a book on Persian antiquities.

I loved every one of the works in this exhibition. It is a fun mash up done with a real sense of the beauty of disparate sources. One of the features of the works is the layout and the aged look of some of these works

Below are some samples and gallery materials.

20161022_111644 20161022_111740 20161022_111750 20161022_111758 20161022_111910 20161022_111952 imag0031 imag0032 imag0033 imag0034

Myth and Magic Art of the Sepik River PNG @ National Gallery of Australia

The artistry of simple or non industrialised societies is often quite striking. The exhibition of artworks from the Sepik Valley in Papua New Guinea on display at the National Gallery of Australia is remarkable for its elegant simplicity. The objects are almost exclusively three dimensional, they are largely made of wood , and many have religious significance. From object to object there was reason to rejoice in human creativity expressed through carving and decoration. As usual the NGA staff has exhibited the materials in a wonderful non distracting way and the variety of chosen objects continued interest throughout.
The collection has come from major institutions in several Australian states and a few overseas including Papua New Guinea. This is a richly enjoyable exhibition of unique works.
As there was a strange ban on photographs I have included just the page from the NGA and an aticle from the ANU student paper Woroni
Article in Woroni

Without Borders – Medicins Sans Frontieres @ Belconnen Arts Centre

Some organisations create a sense of admiration in me. Medicins Sans Frontieres MSF is one of those. Their story is inspiring and the courage and commitment of their people is awesome. Right now at Belconnen Arts Centre they have mounted a display of large format photos that record the heart and elements of their work. The pictures are not all tragic but some are. The pictures are colourful and many of the people in them have an inspiring sort of dignity.
It is wonderful to see in large format pictorial aspects of their courageous work.
The exhibition has some marvelous text material that shows another side of their work accompanied by a map that simply shows locations of the work of MSF.









Port Moresby – Second Contact – Sean Davey @ Huw Davies Gallery Photoaccess

Some sets of photographs make a point in black and white that would not work in colour. Sean Davey has done that in his current exhibition on Port Moresby at Huw Davies Gallery at Manuka. All the pictures I have seen of Port Moresby over the years have been dominated by the lush green tropical vegetation. These pictures are all in black and white and they portray a city that looks depressed decaying and lacking in the vitality of most cities. The starkness of the pictures portray a bleak description of this city.

Such a great story told through a set of pics that are both modern and antique.20150502_120516 20150502_120537 20150502_120540 20150502_121046 20150502_121051 20150502_121058

IMAG0009 IMAG0010 IMAG0011 IMAG0012