Luke Aleksandrow – The Break Collection: Volume One @ CCAS Manuka

The Break Collection is a set of broken pottery items on the floor accompanied by a sound track. Luke Aleksandrow has curated a work that has smashed pottery artworks originally created by local artists. The broken pottery is lying on the floor in distinctive piles. He has put them together with a sound track of the smashing of the items.

The pics are below.

Versailles – Treasures from the Palace @ National Gallery of Australia

This exhibition draws on a world that does not exist in Australia. If you walk through large public buildings in Australia you mainly see understated and sleek. The French Louis era was the opposite – over the top bling encrusted grand scale in everything.

The National Gallery has some disadvantages as an art space but when you bring in grand scale works it comes into its own. There are tapestries that seem to be the size of the house I live in right now. There are rooms in the display that are almost the scale of the palace at Versailles itself.

The choice of objects to come to Australia are varied – ranging from a large fountain and grand scale paintings and tapestries to statues and furniture and crockery. As you would expect there is nothing in the space that is not gorgeously and elaborately designed and decorated. A thing I love about this exhibition is the context of housing these objects inthe NGA which is unfinished concrete and glass brutalism.


Some pics below:

20161231_105557 20161231_110414 20161231_111831 20161231_112155 20161231_112311 20161231_112520 20161231_115910 20161231_120135 20161231_120322 20161231_120520 20161231_111831-copy 20161231_105811-copy 20161231_110535-copy 20161231_110603-copy

Tricking the eye—contemporary trompe l’oeil @ Geelong Art Gallery

26 November 2016 to 12 February 2017
 A great feature of this exhibition was that the curator  had sourced  a great set of historical examples of this style starting in the 1400s and put them on a sequenced display on a large flat screen in a small part of the exhibition so we the viewers could get a sense of the way this approach developed. Marvelous.The fun aspects of this style of artwork are the surprises. One artist created a set of vents that are not vents but they are randomly displayed through the whole gallery and a by product of their work is that I noticed the artistry of the other real vents for air-conditioning etc I a new way.

Among the displays there is a three dimensional  artwork largely created from carpet. There is a window and carpet that is largely created out of  needlepoint squares, There are heaps of other surprises.

Website page

Sample pictures

20161227_102606 20161227_102644 20161227_103100 20161227_103300 20161227_103326 20161227_103401 20161227_104628 20161227_104723 20161227_105031 20161227_105226 20161227_105259 20161227_105439

A Human Form @ Geelong Art Gallery

10 December 2016 to 17 September 2017

There is a delightful display area in the Geelong Art Gallery It is downstairs overlooking the grassy square. Its main feature is a set of lit glass display cases that follow a u shape around the walls. Right now the Gallery staff have created a wonderful display of “The Body”. When I read about it I imagined lots of sleek classical lightly clad sculptures. I could not have been more wrong. In the maybe thirty objects there are those almost Jane Eyre  style women made out of decorated bone china There are pitted bronze forms in challenging almost extreme yoga positions. There is a plump suburban woman looking like she is waiting for a bus and there are a small number of classically marble creations area.

The GAG Web page

I love the choices of objects and have included  some samples below

20161227_110409 20161227_110438 20161227_110501 20161227_110531 20161227_110547 20161227_110720 20161227_110759 20161227_110902 20161227_110929.

College Create @ Tuggerenong Arts Centre

8 December 2016 – 28 January 2016

The exhibition demonstrates the great skill and creativity of contemporary art students in College in Tuggeranong. The range of styles and media on show is a treat. I loved the diverse use of materials from cable ties to bark.

Below are are some samples and the gallery sheet.

20161216_151820 20161216_151839 20161216_151916 20161216_151926 20161216_151944 20161216_152011 20161216_152018 20161216_152234 20161216_152415 20161216_152421 20161216_152631 20161216_152815 20161216_152854 20161216_152905

imag0004 imag0005

EASS Margaret Munro Prize @ ANU School of Art Gallery

8 – 15 October 2016

Mahala Hill, Cat Mueller, Sian Watson

Mahala Hill,creates gorgeous objects made from bone china and coloured porcelain. To me they look as if they are inspired by coastline life forms but in the gallery sheet it is exploring lots of other issues

Cat Mueller creates big colourful works in aerosol paint and oil paint. they are abstract and have a combination of hard and soft colouring.

Sian Watson has created objects made from materials such as plaster, steel, chicken wire, dry clay and liquid nails among others. Her works fuse the forms of human, birds and other animals.

There are some pics below and a link.

20161014_163224-copy 20161014_163230-copy 20161014_163245-copy

20161014_163323-copy 20161014_163445 20161014_16343820161014_163551 20161014_163524 20161014_163513