Narelle Zeller and Colleen Stapleton, Mirror Mirror, Grainger Gallery Fyshwick,

A great exhibition shown at Grainger in early December featured sisters Narelle Zeller and Colleen Stapleton. In the exhibition Narelle Zeller’s contribution was a set of rich still life flower arrangements painted in realistic colours accompanied in the gallery by real flower arangements that were created by the artist who creates them for Narelle to paint. Colleen Stapleton’s part in the exhibition was a gorgeous set of emotionally engaged portraits of predominantly female subjects often in energetic poses with flashes of movement and colour. The exhibition is over but the catalogue is still on the website for you to check out and contact the Graingers with inquiries.

Grainger Gallery website;

Catalogue link:

Kerry McInnis – Terraform at Nancy Sever Gallery Canberra City

The exhibition now on at Nancy Sever is by Kerry McInnis. The paintings have lots of texture and present a rough representation of big Australian landscapes. There are coastlines, mountains and river valleys that are shown in all their muscular tough look. The exhibition goes to December 5 2021. Links of various sorts below get you to more detail.


Exhibition Link:

Artist website:

Australian Love Stories at The National Portrait Gallery

Archie Roach and Ruby Hunter from the exhibition

The Portrait Gallery people keep surprising me with their exhibitions and their content. I expected this to simply feature romantic relationships. Instead it is a rich story of human connections across generations, cultures and every range of human love. The other surprise is the scale. Rather than just filling the temporary exhibition space it is housed in three times that area. The stories are from fun to profound and the diversity of people and friendships is wide. There is only three more weeks of this exhibition so rush in and enjoy lots of great love stories.

The admission price is $15 and it runs to Sunday August 1 2021

More information:

Faces in watercolour – Jill Mail @ M16 Artspace

15 June – 2 July 2017

Jill Mail has a gift for revealing people using watercolour paint. Her exhibition at M16 includes some delightful faces and personalities in simple format face portraits. It is always fun to come face to face with another human being rendered by an artist.

The blurb reads:

As an artist who has always painted in water colour, Mail has taken on the challenge to paint portraits from life in this medium.

The artist states ‘I attempt to paint swiftly but accurately and to convey a likeness and personality of the sitter. I do not take photographs. Water colour is unforgiving but I continue to persevere & enjoy the struggle with this fascinating medium. Sometimes I am pleased with the result.’

Sample pics below

2016 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize @ Belconnen Arts Centre

1-23 July 2017

Some people love art prizes and some do not. The Moran Prize is the richest art prize in Australia and has been running for nearly 30 years. The finalists are on exhibition currently at the Belconnen Arts Centre. The images are as with all portrait exhibitions varied and fascinating  The selected images below are included to show the variety and are not a comment on aesthetic value. My wife and I were both in disbelief about the chosen winner in the company of the other images in the room but that is not surprising in art prize judgment

Images and gallery material below.




Emilio Cresciani – Face 2 Face @ Photoaccess

There are wonderful layered activities in the world of photography and Emilio Cresciani has created a lovely set of layered pictures in which there is face and sets of images overlaid that can tell a story linked to the face

My pics were produced on the phone but they were on some sort of filter that made them look like beige where are they were actually a vivid blue.

Below are some sample pics

National Photographic Portrait Prize @ National Portrait Gallery

Prizes are problematic. The exhibition of the National Photographic Portrait Prize is the result of a judging panel of three, assessing a large collection of submissions of photographic portraits.This year their decision is one of the most baffling in all the years I have attended the exhibition.

We only see the shortlisted ones but within the exhibition there are dozen’s of photographs that eclipse the bland ordinary snap that has been nominated as the winning picture. Within the exhibition there are truly rich faces, bodies, relationships and contexts that are represented in complex inter-relationships with each other that engage the viewer with their detail and content.

I have placed some of the better examples below in phone pic.

The following link has the judges and the prize winners listed .

Another day in Paradise – Myuran Sukumaran @ Campbelltown Arts Centre

13 Jan – 26 March 2017

In the time before his execution, mentored by among others the Australian painter Ben Quilty Myurun Sukumaran deeloped a remarkable gift of painting. In collaboration with his family and exhibition of his remarkable works is on display at the Campbelltown Arts Centre right now. The works are remarkable. They engage with his experiences and his take on the world around him. The paintings include some of family and friends and also politicians. Some of the more confronting images include a bullet and a painting on a large white wall of the weapon that was ultimately used to kill him.

He clearly had a talent but more than that this exhibition confronts the viewer with the death penalty, the war on drugs, politics, culture and hope of all things.

The works are accompanied by responses to Sukumaran’s work from six other artists and several of those are remarkable also. I truly wanted to see this and it was everything I hoped it was,

Some selected images below. The gallery has a full catalogue available with the exhibition

David Hockney – Current @ National Gallery of Victoria

November 11 2016 – March 13 2017

David Hockney has an exhibition of the last decade of his work in the temporary exhibition space at the National Gallery of Victoria. It is everything I hoped it would be and more. Most of the art was created on and Ipad in a package called Brushes. He has worked from that to then print his work in large multi panel works that area lmost life scale.

You enter the space with red walls and a wall paper like look of maybe a hundred artworks unframed and pinned abutting each other around the outside wall with four large pillars in the centre space that are bedecked with either large portrait layout flat screens of sets of Iphones on which annimations or sequences of his works are displayed.

The second room is a dsplay space on which a famous forest scene he painted is reproduced on all four walls that makes it look life size

There is a long almost palace like room again in a rich red and the walls are lined with portraits of people in David Hockney’s life. They were painted in three days each and there are 82 people done in the last three years.

The feature of this exhibition I loved the most and found almost enthralling were the stroke by stroke creations of artworks. On Flat screens in various places the Brushes app used to create the work can be set to replay te construction of the artwork andyou can sit there and watch as line upon line colour upon colour a final work of art is created as you watch. I found it lots of fun to stand and watch in wonder from some basic lines through to a highly detailed artwork that emerged.

Being from Canberra I have now stood for hours in front of David’s Grand Canyon in the National Galllery of Austrralia. I have seen several documentaries about various aspects of his work and was rapt to be able to spendtime with his most recent decade’s work.

20161226_101449 20161226_101652 20161226_101717 20161226_101724 20161226_105534 20161226_105831

Take a Load off – Erik Krebs-Schade @ Canberra Contemporary Art Space Civic

This exhibition features a set of a few of dozen mostly small male figure studies mainly in the seated position. The artist statement reproduced below explains the approach Krebs Schade takes to his art.

Some sample pics are below

20161217_111018 20161217_111035 20161217_111101 20161217_111115 imag0001 imag0002