Johnny Romeo “Colossal Youth” exhibition at Aarwun Gallery Nichols ACT

The gallery space at the Aarwun Gallery at Federation Square in Nichols in the ACT is almost lit up by the remarkable work of Johnny Romeo. A quote from the blurb on the web page for this exhibition will explain what is on show.

“Romeo’s imaginative fusion of sci-fi Surrealism, Cubist abstraction and quirky appropriations of celebrity imagery ruptures our understanding of Pop culture icons and filters them through his distinctive Kitsch Pop lens. Bursting at the seams with vibrant colour explosions, larger-than-life Pop imagery, and gleefully absurdist humour, Colossal Youth is an electrifying dive into the warped Technicolour visions of Australia’s King of Pop. “

If you click on the exhibition sales page below you will see thumbnails of 16 of his works available through Aarwun Gallery. In the gallery they are explosive in their vrbrant colour and semi familiar imagery. The exhibition is on till Sunday December 5.

Gallery Website:

Exhibition page:

Artist’s website

After – Charlotte Allingham and Dylan Mooney – Tuggeranong Arts Centre Foyer Gallery

Charlotte Allingham image

Seven visually stunning poster artworks form the current exhibition in the Foyer Gallery at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre. Each of the images uses a combination of vibrant colour and striking people and faces to form a protest or message image. The images are part of a larger project through the ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LGBTQI Network. Details on the project and the artists are on the website

The exhibtion runs from 19 June – 24 July 2021, in the Foyer Gallery

6cm of Prostrate Cancer – Manuel Pfeiffer @ M16 Artspace

15 June – 2 July 2017

Being in my 60s Prostate Cancer has been a regular part of conversations in my world for at least a decade. With that background Manuel Pfeiffer’s exhibition was a combination of quite confronting images and panels that were funny. The representations of various aspects of this condition were wonderful in their touching engagement with a deadly but regularly slow moving condition.

Pics are below

Intersections @ M16 Artspace

19 Jan – 5 Feb 2017

Five artists five contrasting approaches. The art in this exhibition provides some rich diversity – blocky abstract high gloss paintings, delicate graphite works that are mainly paper with small scale images, classical pastel coloured pottery, concrete with embedded resin all combine to show a rich representation of artistic approach.

The artists are Bryna Bambury, Nikki Chopra, Eliya Nikki Cohen, Chelsea Kalogiannidis, Holly Tranter

The website blurb reads: This exhibition presents the intersection of five peoples’ experiences of daily life in their natural environments. Using different mediums – painting, ceramics, photo prints and lithographs –their experiences are both celebrated and analysed.

Pics below

img_20170128_121635 img_20170128_121652 img_20170128_121753 img_20170128_121802 img_20170128_121922 img_20170128_121959 img_20170128_122002 img_20170128_122146 img_20170128_122155

Messages from Canberra @ Belconnen Arts Centre

The magic of having art institutions that are successful over time is they can then tall a story through art. The current exhibition at the Belconnen Arts  Centre featuring a collection of posters from the archive of the Megalo Studio and Gallery tells a story of our social history through posters. Because Megalo hasbeen around for 25 years their poster creators tell a remarkable story of social movements and social moments. The posters tell stories of style change and technological developments. I found the whole set to be a very engaging collection.

20160206_105856 20160206_110216 20160206_110234 20160206_110314 20160206_110410 20160206_110537 20160206_110604 20160206_110626 20160206_110740 20160206_110751 20160206_111419