6cm of Prostrate Cancer – Manuel Pfeiffer @ M16 Artspace

15 June – 2 July 2017

Being in my 60s Prostate Cancer has been a regular part of conversations in my world for at least a decade. With that background Manuel Pfeiffer’s exhibition was a combination of quite confronting images and panels that were funny. The representations of various aspects of this condition were wonderful in their touching engagement with a deadly but regularly slow moving condition.

Pics are below

Intersections @ M16 Artspace

19 Jan – 5 Feb 2017

Five artists five contrasting approaches. The art in this exhibition provides some rich diversity – blocky abstract high gloss paintings, delicate graphite works that are mainly paper with small scale images, classical pastel coloured pottery, concrete with embedded resin all combine to show a rich representation of artistic approach.

The artists are Bryna Bambury, Nikki Chopra, Eliya Nikki Cohen, Chelsea Kalogiannidis, Holly Tranter

The website blurb reads: This exhibition presents the intersection of five peoples’ experiences of daily life in their natural environments. Using different mediums – painting, ceramics, photo prints and lithographs –their experiences are both celebrated and analysed.

Pics below

img_20170128_121635 img_20170128_121652 img_20170128_121753 img_20170128_121802 img_20170128_121922 img_20170128_121959 img_20170128_122002 img_20170128_122146 img_20170128_122155

Messages from Canberra @ Belconnen Arts Centre

The magic of having art institutions that are successful over time is they can then tall a story through art. The current exhibition at the Belconnen Arts  Centre featuring a collection of posters from the archive of the Megalo Studio and Gallery tells a story of our social history through posters. Because Megalo hasbeen around for 25 years their poster creators tell a remarkable story of social movements and social moments. The posters tell stories of style change and technological developments. I found the whole set to be a very engaging collection.

20160206_105856 20160206_110216 20160206_110234 20160206_110314 20160206_110410 20160206_110537 20160206_110604 20160206_110626 20160206_110740 20160206_110751 20160206_111419