Julie Bartholemew – Tread Carefully @ Beaaver Galleries

18 May – 4 June 2017

Julie Bartholemew in her Tread Carefully exhibition at Beaver Galleries engages some of the thorny issues of humans living and working on this planet. She combines a certain classy elegance with some confronting content to make it clear that we need to treat gently on planet Earth.

Using scientific equipment and chemical accoutrements created out of white porcelein she tweaks the items to convey a great message of care of the environment and respect for the plant life on the areas we live in. Each item has elegant copperplate writing that conveys information.

I did not have my camera so I only have gallery stuff below

Heidi Strachan – This way Works in wax and clay @ Watson Arts Centre

18 May – 11 June 2017

Heidi Strachan has her recent work on display at the Watson Arts Cetnre now. It is a great combination between pottery objects of various kinds and finishes and works on the wall that are a mix of textured surfaces and wax. The works are attractive in a way that makes me want to pick up and run my fingers over.

Pics and Gallery materials below


Luke Aleksandrow – The Break Collection: Volume One @ CCAS Manuka

The Break Collection is a set of broken pottery items on the floor accompanied by a sound track. Luke Aleksandrow has curated a work that has smashed pottery artworks originally created by local artists. The broken pottery is lying on the floor in distinctive piles. He has put them together with a sound track of the smashing of the items.

The pics are below.

10 Years of Collecting @ ANU Drill Hall Gallery

21 April – 28 May 2017

There is an extraordinary collection of works on display at the Drill Hall Gallery for the next month. It is a curation of works bought into the ANU collection over the last ten years. The dominant style is abstract but the range is fabulous  There are lots of artists represented and they are listed on the gallery sheet attached.

There are sample pics below.

Vice Chancellors College Fellowship Scheme 2016 @ ANU School of Art Gallery

The unique scheme done at the ANU fosters art excellence. Each year the exhibition reveals a fascinating range of art creativity. Attached is the PDF of the catalogue gives huge insight into the practice of the artists. There are also pics below and some gallery materials.


College Express 8 @ Belconnen Arts Centre

9 December 2016 15 January 2017

Over 100 works of art chosen for display from the work done in eight northside Canberra Colleges during 2016 have been on display for a month. It is awesome to see the skills and creativity on display and the range of media was fun to behold.

There is abstract and realist, there is functional and fun, there are multi part and recycled works of art. Some students have several works on display and it is helpful that the gallery supplies a sheet with the names and schools of each work on display.

There are lots of works with social comment embedded in them and others are a huge display ofskill and artistry with specific media.

I have included some pics and gallery material below.

20170114_110107 20170114_110259 20170114_110644 20170114_110653 20170114_111244 20170114_111433 20170114_111531 20170114_111633 20170114_111734 20170114_111938 20170114_112050 20170114_112150 20170114_112555 20170114_114331 20170114_114506 20170114_114635 20170114_115042 20170114_115206 20170114_115322