Angela Brennan – Forms of Life @ Ian Potter Museum of Art

5 Sept 25 Feb 2018

Angela Brennan has mounted an exhibition at the Ian Potter Museum of Art that plays with ancient artifacts discovered by Melbourne University Archaeological expeditions. The pottery is colourful and varied and is inspired by a set of pots that are also displayed in the gallery. She has added some dresses inspired by the same ancient cultures. The gallery web page is below.


Claire Jackson – This is not a place @ Megalo Studio and Gallery

1-22 July 2017

Claire Jackson exhibited a great set of clipped frosted urban prints at Megalo in July. I love the focus of these prints. By clipping part of an urban landscape and turning it into a print the viewer gets a sense of familiarity even though the actual print is new. I have included a set of pics below..

Melodrama in Meiji Japan @ National Library of Australia

Exhibition branding for Melodrama in Meiji Japan It is wonderful how many generous people enrich us all with their art gifts to public institutions. The exhibition at the National Library is the result of a collector’s generosity.

100 gorgeous woodblock prints recording the introduction of melodrama into pictorial story telling traditions 100 years ago in Meiji Japan. The elegance of Japanese illustration is there in every print. The emotion and restrained dignity of the images is engaging. The textual explanation is rich and demanding and the experience of the exhibition gives a great historical insight to a period of change in the society of Japan as it absorbs some influences of the west. It also marks a flowering in woodblock printing before more technological techniques took over.

There was a no photographs policy in an exhibition of prints that are all around a hundred years old in public ownership so to look at some samples I have included the web page below.


Frontman – Campbell Chalmers @ Canberra Contemporary Artspace Manuka

22 June – 2 July 2017

Frontman is Campbell Chalmers first solo exhibition. It is a small set of works but includes a range of processes to produce the art. Campbell said at the gallery that his main love is drawing. In this exhibition he uses that skill to create prints using various materials including plastic. Within the exhibition there are multiple types of approaches to producing images on the artwork.

Pics and gallery sheet below.


Bruno Leti – The painterly print @ Beaver Galleries

8 – 25 June 2017

Monotypes are a special type of print that are close to a painting. Leti is an internationally famous abstract artist. This show had a great set of subtly coloured works many of which  have a geometric approach.The styles vary and they range from almost chaotic layouts to highly structured ones.

Some pics below and the gallery notes



Impressionists and Post Impressionists @ National Gallery of Australia

There is lots of great new art hung at the National Gallery of Australia since the new Director transformed and moved nearly every part of the gallery.

For my own records I will post a set of pics from each interesting section.

20161230_140805 20161230_140820 20161230_140832 20161230_140914 20161230_140930 20161230_140952 20161230_141017 20161230_141038 20161230_141105 20161230_141119 20161230_141130