Gay Emmerson – Yet another Gumtree exhibition @ Form Studio and Gallery

1-19 June 2017

My first reaction to the blurb was framed in my recent experience selling things through the Australian online market site. I did not get the connection till I walked into the gallery to be confronted by real gum trees in paint.

Have a look at some samples and the gallery material below – they are great

Andrea McCuaig – Selected works @ Form Studio and Gallery

May 31 – June 19 2017

Large, sweeping, dance inspired abstractions are what Andrea McCuaig has on exhibition at the Form Gallery at Queanbeyan. Her works are sometimes in black and white tones and others are full of explosive reds and oranges.

Some sample pics and gallery materials are below.


Places and people of Interest – Kate Hine and Maxine Price @ Form Studio and Gallery

Until May 23 2017

Kate Hine creates wonderful collages in black and white that draw on house and home in a life that involved regular moves. The works are drawn from family memorabilia and drawings she has done at earlier times.

Maxine Price creates marvellous pottery figures that have a sense of fun and at times an aura of melancholy.  She has a set of creations now that model the style she has refined to high art. There are only a small number but each one is a charming and heart warming reflection of humanity.

Pics of works by both artists below.

Lynne Flemons Walking at Weereewa: Abandoned Shorelines @ Form Studio and Gallery

Until May 23

Lynne Flemmons created a set of beautiful works that reflect the shorelines of Weereewa (Lake George). The works have a truly delightful set of connections with the region. Having travelled through the area hundreds of times the sight of wire, fencing, timber and other normal detritus from years of sporadic farming and human habitation. The images below show the style.

Learn and Grow @ Queanbeyan Arts Centre

10 – 22 October 2016

Mental Health Awareness Week shows its presence in our community in many forms. The exhibition at the Queanbeyan Arts Centre is using art to raise awareness of Mental Health issues. The Community art show was a work of several community mental health organisations and brought together artists in the community for this show.

Learn & Grow

Pictures below

20161015_121203 20161015_121223 20161015_121235 20161015_121300 20161015_121401 20161015_121610 20161015_121631 20161015_121713

Finding the Essence – Trish Yates @ Form Studio and Gallery

11- 30 October 2016

The Trish Yates exhibition at Form Studio and Gallery in October showed a delightful skill at representing glimpses of Australian bush. By focusing on chosen bits Ms Yates creates beautiful clear-sighted paintings of bark sections ground landscapes and combined colourful spectacles that are all marked by a sense of “I have seen that!”. Pics and gallery material below

20161015_115511 20161015_115546 20161015_115702 20161015_115726 20161015_115750 20161015_115955 20161015_120022 imag0005 imag0006 imag0007 imag0008

Fund raiser – Ros Auld and Claire Primrose @ Form Studio and Gallery

19 July -7 August 2016

Living in Canberra we get to see huge amounts of creative art. I see more than one exhibition per day over a year. Other parts of Australia are not so fortunate. At Form Studio and Gallery there is a fund raiser exhibition to enable them to take an exhibition on the road to regional galleries.

Ros Auld and Claire Primrose have an exhibition in which they have collaborated to create works for sale. The income from the sales will be used to take art on the road. One of my favourite works of Claire’s has already sold.

If you are in the market for good art pop out.

The web page is

The flyer is below.

IMAG0013 IMAG0014

Flow Interrupted – Debra Jurss @ Form Studio and Gallery

19 July – 7 Aug 2016

Glass is one of my favourite media for creativity. The fact that it has great surfaces, great interiors and can change dramatically due to the effects of light on the object makes glass a special vehicle for artistry.

Debra Jurss has created a set of beautiful glass objects under the theme of Flow interrupted. Claire Primrose told us at the exhibition that Debra has only been making Glass art for around five years ago. These objects are remarkable for the way that they embody the power and movement of water. There are bubbles of glass within most objects which gives life to the idea of energetic movement.

Some of the works are mounted on frames on the wall that allows light from the back others are free standing usually with a triangular base tapering to narrow peak. The look of this exhibition is so fresh and inviting because of the vibrant blues and striking movement in the works. I loved it.

Pics and flyer below.

20160723_110920 20160723_111029 20160723_111109 20160723_111301 20160723_111740IMAG0011 IMAG0012


The Art of Lest We Forget @ Queanbeyan Arts Centre

4-14 December 2015

The Queanbeyan Arts Centre hosted one of the many art exhibitions reflecting on events during the First World War. All the paintings are submitted by members of the very active Queanbeyan Arts Society.  I have included some pictures and posters from the exhibition. The styles and contents are varied and engaging.

Their web page is as follows:

20151106_133921 20151106_134002 20151106_134015 20151106_134050 20151106_134104 20151106_134313 20151106_134617 20151106_134622 20151106_134707

Transpire – UC Landscape Architecture students @ Belconnen Arts Centre

21 Oct – 15 Nov 2015
I Teach year 7 and the students are looking at ways to improve the livability of their suburbs. Today I saw an exhibition at the Belconnen Arts Centre of landscape design students from the University of Canberra. The UC students produced three panel mock ups of solutions of a feature to make communities better. It was inspiring to me just to absorb the wide range of considerations that were woven into their designs so I will use their approach in teaching the students on Monday.
Their projects included some park solutions at Marulan, a park facility at Mulligans flat, a landscape response to embed the Islamic centre into the southern suburb of Monash and an art/ sculpture park at Queanbeyan. Each project was addressed by two students with different emphasis and all of them wove wider considerations into their project. The panels were huge so it is hard to put them with this post but I will include some detail shots I liked.