Fisher’s Ghost Art Award at Campbelltown Art Centre

Above is a sample of art participating in this year’s Fisher’s Ghost Art Award at the Campbelltown Arts Centre. The award is a wide ranging award with sections from primary and secondary schools through to a collection of adult categories from Contemporary to traditional. While most of the entries are on the wall, there are a group of sculptures in the space.

I love an exhibition like this in that it gives the visitor to the gallery a sense of the diverse range of talents and skill sets that are present in the art community. The dates for this exhibition are Saturday 26 October – Thursday 5 December 2021 – Access to the gallery is via QR code check in and showing of the double vax certificate from Medicare.

Campbelltown Arts Centre websitefor the exhibition is as follows. Fisher’s Ghost Art Award, Campbelltown Art Centre,

Alex Asch – Strange Couplings @ Beaver Galleries

Alex Asch creates wonderful works out of re-purposed materials. In all his art he finds timber and other artifacts that he then weaves together to make some further intriguing objects . The latest exhibition mounted at Beaver Galleries has hangable objects that are all painted a generally flat black. These objects are made out of musical instruments elegant hair-combs and lots of other timber objects. The resulting works are almost like idols or gods. Hung together they are a remarkably striking set.

See some examples below

Sparking life – Anna O’Neale @ Tuggerenong Arts Centre

2 Mar – 1 April 2017

Anne Maree O’Neale has surprisingly created an almost warm fuzzy feeling in her works that are made of assemblages of old metal bike parts and other found materials occasionally combined with fur.

The creature like creations are all unique and range from the distorted to the almost lovable. Some are petite and almost frail looking and others are tough and substantial. All have this engaging thing about them that has your attention constantly moving from the materials and the composite parts to the remarkable final product.

See below

Object Therapy @ Hotel Hotel

This is a catch up post on an exhibition we went to in October 2016. In the foyer of the Nishi complex of Hotel Hotel. On display there were a delightful collection of made and fixed much loved objects. There were toys, ornaments and household items that have been changed, transformed into attractive  objects.

Below is a well developed article from the hotel website on the exhibition and then some pics.

20161015_105628 20161015_105635 20161015_105655 20161015_105811 20161015_105849 20161015_105917 20161015_105928 20161015_110003

Crafting New Trash-ures @ Craft ACT

One of the striking cabinet exhibitions at Craft ACT during 2016 was the one titled Crafting New Trash-ures. A group of artists Cebu in the Philippines work with rubbish and discards from modern society to create artistic objects of beauty and some of their work was on show in the display cabinet at the gallery.

A Blurb and pics are below

20161103_163623 20161103_163630 20161103_163635 20161103_163639 20161103_163644 20161103_163651 20161103_163655 20161103_163659