Sense of place at Casula Powerhouse Art Centre

The Display titled Sense of Place at Casula Powerhouse

The picture above is a special place for me. I see lots of art and I am especially thankful for those who foster opportunities for school students to create art and have it displayed for the public. Right now there is an exhibition in this upstairs corridor space. The work which is unashamedly inspired by Ken Done has been curated from the creatives attending Busby West Public School, Liverpool Public School and Unity Grammar High School.

As you would expect from student inspired by the work of Done it is all awash with bright colours and the students have done their creations on bags, hats, tshirts and paper on the walls. The exhuberant nature of their work is something that lifts your spirit as you walk by.

The website for Casula is Busby West Public School, Liverpool Public School, Unity Grammar High School, Ken Done, Casula Powerhouse,

Step into the limelight @ ANU School of Art Gallery

July – Aug 2017

An annual exhibition of art created by students in schools in held under the title Ïnto the Limelight. It was exhibited at the ANU School of Arts Gallery. Each year there is a huge range of skills and creativity in this exhibition. The curators take in a big range of ages and the exhibition includes pottery, painting, photography and fashion. There are some samples below to illustrate the range.

Next 2017 @ Casula Powerhouse

18 Feb -23 April 2017

Liverpool high schools combine each year to exhibit high quality art from their students in a show at  Casula Powerhouse. i have seen previous shows but I am convinced that this one is the best I have seen. The skills and the exciting creativity on show is marvelous.

Many of the schools have student populations that draw from many migrant communities and this fact enriches the subject matter and styles on show. There are religious and cultural elements all through the exhibition and a remarkable level of insight and sensitivity expressed.

Have a look at the examples I have put below. I was rapt.



Christmas Story Art Competition and Exhibition @ Wollongong Art Gallery

The gallery on the top floor of the Wollongong Art Gallery is available for hire by community groups. On a recent visit it housed an exhibition of primary school art from the region’s Catholic schools. The students were assigned parts of the Christmas story in the gospels to respond to in an art work. The results are on the walls of the gallery and reveal lost of creative talent. The students chose lots of different styles and the variety is wonderful.

Below are a selection of the student’s art

20160930_104854 20160930_104911 20160930_104929 20160930_104946 20160930_105005 20160930_105118 20160930_105147 20160930_105211

Into the limelight @ ANU School of Arts Gallery

July 27 – Aug 6 2017

I always love exhibitions of school  student art. This one is a big one. 400 works from Primary, Secondary and College age students. There is a broad set of arts represented – pottery clothing, photography, painting, collage, sculpture and other media. I guess it is curated to bring good examples together but it is still a wonderful collection of delightful creativity.

The website is below and some sample pictures:

20160727_162323 20160727_162346 20160727_162420 20160727_162825 20160727_162851 20160727_16292220160727_161923 20160727_161938 20160727_161948 20160727_162012 20160727_162026 20160727_162106 20160727_162141

Top Design 2016 @ Melbourne Museum

As a high school teacher there are some types of exhibitions I find particular delight in. Top Design is one of those. It is a display of work done by VCE students in faculties with a design focus in courses such as fashion, marketing and graphic design. The materials on display include portfolios the visitor can look through and product on display such as mock up models for product and items such as clothing and furniture.

It always impresses me that people of 17 or 18 can create such professional looking work and can produce such high levels of technical expertise. I have included below some pics of clothing, woodwork and branding to show the end results of their work in years 11 and 12.

The web page for the exhibition is

20160705_105811 20160705_105841 20160705_110009 20160705_110231 20160705_110339 20160705_110344 20160705_110921 20160705_110925 20160705_111204 20160705_111213 20160705_111220 20160705_111225

Next @ Casula Powerhouse

I love it when major galleries support the art of high school students. One of the exhibitions at the Casula Powerhouse right now features the art of students in schools in the region near the gallery.

I was so impressed with the quality and the creativity of this set I want to go back. The works range from sculpture through painting to photography. I have included some sample pics of works that were particularly impressive to me.

Pics below20160313_122326 20160313_122423 20160313_122605 20160313_122819 20160313_122905 20160313_123117 20160313_123213 20160313_123338 20160313_123535 20160313_123754 20160313_123857

Kirsten Farrell = Print media and drawing @ ANU School of Arts Gallery

The PhD program at the ANU uses the school gallery for graduate displays. The current one is the work of Kirsten Farrell. The display is in three parts. One is a delightful set of rich colour works that are in many forms – books, tubs of liquids, amalgamated strips of colour swatches and other vehicles of strong flat colour panels.

The second part of the space is a set of great line sculptures created in modern primary colours on connected fishing rod or tent structure style fibreglass lines. The open geometric, colourful beauty of these creations are striking. The whole exhibition is a rich creation of colour in undifferentiated blocks.

A third part of the display is a set of rich slow moving video projections. on three large screens – again these are vehicles of lots of colour.

Below are some sample shots and the gallery sheet.








Step into the limelight @ ANU School of Art

Last month there was a great exhibition at the ANU School of Art Gallery featuring school student art from many Canberra schools. The range of art on display was huge. Clothing, photography, sculpture, woodwork, painting and other forms of art. I get a buzz being exposed to the creativity and skill of students. Sometimes their work is highly derivative, some is simple reproduction but lots of it is innovative and demonstrates real mastery of their craft. Below is the flyer for the exhibition




Junior Archibald Prize @ Art Gallery of New South Wales

A delightful add on to the Archibald Prize exhibition is the Junior prize. It is mounted on an outside wall of the Exhibition space and includes a set created from different school grades. It would be fascinating to track some of the people who are included in the exhibition to see if they do better work in years to come.
There are some great skills on display and I have included some pics below.