Velocity – Vintage racing Cycles @ Canberra Museum and Gallery

1 Dec – 13 Mar 2017

Peter Taylor has a collection of vintage cycles. He is a postman and repairs bikes but has a collection of period bikes. I am a fan of Tour de France and other grand tours but I have only followed this sport for the last 15 years. The big surprise of this exhibition was how ordinary the bikes are. If you have stood by a TDF bike of recent years you know you are in the presence of some remarkable technologies. The idea however of riding any of the bikes on display up the courses of the TDF mountains seems even more daunting but a Museum’s job is to introduce us to what happened in the past.

Some pics below and some gallery material.

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World Of Cricket from the Bradman Museum @ Canberra Museum and Gallery

World Of Cricket from the Bradman Museum at CMAG is one of those targeted exhibitions that gives insight into a popular part of our sporting culture. The Bradman Museum at Bowral is a magn et for cricket buffs and this show came from there. It consists of clothes, equipment, documents, photographs and other ephemera. To a non cricket fan like me the explanations were clear and there were some fascinating bits of information.
There is a large chart listing the time and results of the Prime Minister’s eleven games. Compared with all other prime ministers Howard ran those matches at a much more regular rate than the others. Another exhibit that I loved was a pair of large format pictures of Manuka Oval one in the 1920’s and one recent one. – a great pair.
Some pics below give a flavour of the exhibit. The show is on from Sat 6 December 2014 – Sun 15 March 2015.
The CMAG info page is below: