Narelle Zeller and Colleen Stapleton, Mirror Mirror, Grainger Gallery Fyshwick,

A great exhibition shown at Grainger in early December featured sisters Narelle Zeller and Colleen Stapleton. In the exhibition Narelle Zeller’s contribution was a set of rich still life flower arrangements painted in realistic colours accompanied in the gallery by real flower arangements that were created by the artist who creates them for Narelle to paint. Colleen Stapleton’s part in the exhibition was a gorgeous set of emotionally engaged portraits of predominantly female subjects often in energetic poses with flashes of movement and colour. The exhibition is over but the catalogue is still on the website for you to check out and contact the Graingers with inquiries.

Grainger Gallery website;

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John Scurry – Paintings @ Nancy Sever Gallery

7 June – 2 July 2017

John Scurry has an exhibition of still life paintings on at the Nancy Sever Gallery. Still life still evokes in me fruit and wine bottles on tables. Scurry plays around with the discipline of still life by creating motionless domestic issues from a consumer residential contexts. The objects included are very much more masculine than the traditional objects. A humorous element of the set is the fact that he includes quinces in some of the pictures.

The pictures within the gallery sheet below give you the sense of the set along with Nancy’s great text on the exhibition

Crispin Akerman – Paintings and works on paper @ Beaver Galleries

25 August – 11 September 2016

Still life is a genre of painting with a long illustrious heritage. Crispin Akerman tacks into this history with clean pristine objects set in cleared backgrounds. There are domestic items arranged on shelves and tables and a variety of other objects. A couple of other studies of birds round out the set.

There are pics and gallery materials below.

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The Kitchen Garden – The Thursday group @ M16 Artspace

28 July – 14 August 2016

This exhibition is of work done by a group of around 20 artists led by Jenny Manning’ This set focus on food largely in its natural forms. The exhibition is rich in colour and detail as the artists represent a vast array of natural grown process in various settings. The artists have chosen mainly to use small format for their work.

A great thing about this exhibition is that profits from sales of nearly 80 works will go to Save Shelter an organisation which supports the homeless.

Pictures and gallery materials below.

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