Transformation – Members Exhibition 2021 at CraftACT

Upholstered storage box with printed fabric at Craft ACT

One of the truly great annual exhibitions in Canberra is the Members Exhibition at Craft ACT. The members submit a piece or two to the exhibition and auction. CraftACT is a local collective of creatives who all seem to aspire to leadership in their various craft disciplines. Some craft skills I do not understand and some I like little but in this show you never see anything that is not worthy of exhibition.

Glass, furniture, fabrics, pottery, sculpture, metal, jewellery and other craft styles abound and demonstrate the creative potential of each approach.Most objects seem to be available for purchase If you have not seen this display it is only on till Tuesday December 14 2021 – It is well worth the visit.

CraftACT website:

Sense of place at Casula Powerhouse Art Centre

The Display titled Sense of Place at Casula Powerhouse

The picture above is a special place for me. I see lots of art and I am especially thankful for those who foster opportunities for school students to create art and have it displayed for the public. Right now there is an exhibition in this upstairs corridor space. The work which is unashamedly inspired by Ken Done has been curated from the creatives attending Busby West Public School, Liverpool Public School and Unity Grammar High School.

As you would expect from student inspired by the work of Done it is all awash with bright colours and the students have done their creations on bags, hats, tshirts and paper on the walls. The exhuberant nature of their work is something that lifts your spirit as you walk by.

The website for Casula is Busby West Public School, Liverpool Public School, Unity Grammar High School, Ken Done, Casula Powerhouse,

Piinpi: Contemporary Indigenous Fashion at National Museum of Australia

Legacy Dress (creators listed with photo on website)

Awesome!!! I saw this in Bendigo last year. I re-looked at my photos when I saw this was closing soon in Canberra. Chills ran through me looking through image after image. This exhibition features clothing that I found it hard to take my eyes off. Colour, texture and construction combine to form objects of visual excitement. Part of the blurb on the website reads:

‘Piinpi’ is an expression that Kanichi Thampanyu (First Nations people from the East Cape York Peninsula) use to describe changes in the landscape across time and space. For many First Nations people across Australia, knowledge of the land and seasons is culturally important. While the number of seasons can vary across many First Nations groups, the exhibition is themed around four widely recognised seasons.

I used one of the images from the website because none of my pictures came close to doing justice to these objects. The beauty of this dress brought me to tears of joy through its combination of so many layers of invention and creativity.

I am going back to the exhibition again this week as it closes on Sunday August 8


I weave what I have seen – War Rugs of Afghanistan – ANU Drill Hall Gallery

At the ANU Drill Hall Gallery in Canberra there is an exhibition of carpets created in Afghanistan and its neighbouring countries over the last 40 years. The distinctive feature of these rugs is the inclusion of rockets, tanks, bombs, Hummers and lots of other armaments of war. I do not cry often in galleries but I came close in this exhibition. The tragedy and trauma of 40 years of invasion and occupation by large nations is visually woven into the traditional art form of rug making. The violence and brutality of war machinery pictured through the finely worked carpets I found confronting.

The exhibition is on till August 15 2021 and the details are on the website

Sweety – Belinda Jessup and Melanie Olde @ Belconnen Arts Centre

11 March – 2 April 2017

The web page for this exhibition reads

A homage to the decadence, frivolity, beauty and expression of couturier Christian Lacroix.Jessup and Olde communicate their aesthetic pleasure in responding to Lacroix’s garments and reverie: the colours, textures and patterns.

The items on display are richly coloured, intensly woven and visually attractive. Some woven materials are are created from natural colours and have an earthy look.  These works are brilliant, glimmering, intense, visually beautiful items.

The intricate nature of these works are visible in the pics below but in the room they glow in a much more attractive way.

High Rise Low Rise @ Canberra Contemporary Arts Centre Braddon

9 Dec 2016 – 11 Feb 2017

High Rise Low Rise is a delight through its diverse methods and styles of art brought together in one exhibition.

Claudia De Salvo has created a city on a wall out of woven wire on a black background – it has an urban intensity expressed in the detailed representation of city living.

Monique Montfroy represents beach culture in all its diversity with a sense of fun and great composition of large coloured photographic images.

Anna Carey’s two buildings point to the fragility of much urban construction coupled with its banality. She photographs models with a light that is almost barbie-esque.

Anja Loughead reflects Australian culture through words cut into old tea towels. The language and choice of 50s tea towels embodies a bygone culture in a convincing way.

Millan Pintos- Lopez uses house paint on circular pieces of plywood to tell a story. The final works in the room are a set of stark white steel works set at angles from walls created by

Kael Stasce. Feeling naughty I touched them to check if they were cardboard or steel. The works have a delicateness for steel  that surprised me.

The catalogue is below with a couple of my phone pics.

img_20170128_113939 img_20170128_114004 img_20170128_114129 img_20170128_114333 img_20170128_114340 img_20170128_114359 img_20170128_114621

imag0019 imag0020 imag0021

The Uniform Project @ Craft ACT

3 Nov – 17 Dec 2016

One of the current exhibitions at the galleries of CraftACT in Civic is called The Uniform Project. It consists largely of a small set of beautiful blazer type coats designed with geometric layouts and strong colours. Each of them are beautiful and would be a great improvement on most uniforms you see today.

Gallery page

Sample pics

20161103_164016 20161103_164024 20161103_164031 20161103_164036 20161103_164043 20161103_164049

Repeat – Exhibition of Print Pattern and Textiles @ Megalo Studio and Gallery

Print studios develop lots of product. The gallery at Megalo shows lots of varieties of print making techniques and forms of expression on many media. It is not often that the gallery is filled with fabric.but this time it is a beautiful set of long hangings and smaller examples of how themes can be represented in repeated patterns and with use of striking colours.

Some of the themes are fairly abstract such as, Jemima Parker’ Brick. Others are much more exact and precise such as Estelle ‘Breideis’ Bridges. We were intrigued by another Estelle Breidis one titled Pentagon. We could see lots of other geometric shapes but nothing five sided. Every piece in this exhibition is strikingly attractive.

See sample pics and gallery material below.

20160806_105824 20160806_11015120160806_105900 20160806_105955 20160806_110006 20160806_110026 20160806_110033 20160806_110110 20160806_110137 20160806_110326IMAG0014 IMAG0016 IMAG0018 IMAG0019 IMAG0020

Encircle – Ruby Berry @ Belconnen Arts Centre

22 July – 14 August 2016

Ruby Berry is a practitioner of slow fabrics. Her work begins with the arts and crafts of creating the materials she used in her art. Her sculptural works that in this show encircle spaces and people to contain and give warmth start with the spinning the wool or creating the cotton and materials for the basketry.

The works on display range from heavy woven almost carpet like wovens to small delicate fun hanging baskets. There must be a great deal of satisfaction in the finished article after all the steps have been yours to work with.  Ms Berry is running a basketry workshop at the Arts Centre on August 7 and the booking link is on the gallery sheet below.

Pics and gallery sheets below

20160730_113134 20160730_113154 20160730_113237 20160730_113317 20160730_113349 Z Bac 5  (1)IMAG0028 IMAG0029 IMAG0030

Here and there @ Belconnen Arts Centre

Sharron Peoples, Barbara Rogers, Julie Ryder have joined together in a current exhibition at Belconnen Arts Centre. All three artists work with textiles and thread.There are geometric designs, There are stories told in stitched net. Walking  through the gallery space you are constantly struck by natural rustic tones, shapes that can be seen in nature and those that do not appear and thelives of people and their experiences woven into beautiful art works.

Below are some pics and some gallery materials

20160507_113320 20160507_113547 20160507_113634 20160507_11370420160507_113952 20160507_113959 20160507_114005 20160507_11401120160507_114034 20160507_114215 20160507_114242 20160507_114314 20160507_114320 IMAG0004 IMAG0005 IMAG0006a IMAG0007 IMAG0009