Fisher’s Ghost Art Award at Campbelltown Art Centre

Above is a sample of art participating in this year’s Fisher’s Ghost Art Award at the Campbelltown Arts Centre. The award is a wide ranging award with sections from primary and secondary schools through to a collection of adult categories from Contemporary to traditional. While most of the entries are on the wall, there are a group of sculptures in the space.

I love an exhibition like this in that it gives the visitor to the gallery a sense of the diverse range of talents and skill sets that are present in the art community. The dates for this exhibition are Saturday 26 October – Thursday 5 December 2021 – Access to the gallery is via QR code check in and showing of the double vax certificate from Medicare.

Campbelltown Arts Centre websitefor the exhibition is as follows. Fisher’s Ghost Art Award, Campbelltown Art Centre,

Windmill Trust Exhibition 20th Anniversary @ Murray Art Museum Albury

14 Sept – 22 Oct 2017

There is a great varied exhibition at Murray Art Museum Albury. The exhibition brings together a variety of work including sculpture, print, oil and watercolour paintings, video performance and photography. It is the 20th Anniversary Windmill Trust Exhibition.

The artists featured in the exhibition include: Camille Kersley, Christine McMillan, Stephanie Jones, Sarra Robertson, Tom Doherty, Jonathan Throsby, Sandra McMahon, Samantha Small, Rachel Ellis, Andy Townsend, Craig Cameron, Tracy Luff, Jane Lander, Nicole Welch, Bradley Hammond, Sally Williams, James Blackwell, Rochelle Summerfield, Harrie Fasher, Duke Albada.

I particularly loved a set of works created out of Echidna quills

Gallery link below


Mill Binna – Leah King Smith and Duncan King Smith @ Photoaccess

22 June – 16 July 2017

The King Smiths have created a remarkable project called Mill Minna which is on at the Huw Davies Gallery at PhotoAccess. It has a collection or images and a set of projections against a set of white baskets.  The images are indigenous inspired and yet have a Gollum/robot aesthetic to them. The movements are fabulous. The tone is haunting and vibrant. The gallery sheets and images below give you the sense of the project but being in the space is remarkable.

Failing to communicate – Sabrina Baker @ Photoaccess

25 May – 18 June 2016

Sabrina Bakers work is fully explained in the gallery sheet below. The heart of the exhibition is a video of her pumping up an inflatable raft dressed in a smock made out of signal flag material and more of her rowing on Lake Burley Griffin in such smocks. In the gallery she has a clothes rack with a large collection of smocks made out of a big range of signal  flags. The exhibition is a commentary on the place of spaces like Lake Burley Griffin.


Pipilotti Rist – Worry will vanish revelation @ National Gallery of Australia

11 March 20 – August 2017

Video installations are often fascinating and some engage in rich ways. There are two vivid free flowing abstract videos on two wall sized screens accompanied by an invitation to lie on the floor to watch it all unfold. The images are abstract and nature based free flowing images have an almost psychedelic light show aesthetic about them except that the images are much crisper and have more recongisable content.

Below is the web link to the NGA page for this exhibition:





Booksmart – Josh Owen @ Canberra Contemporary Art Space Manuka

30 Mar 2017 to 9 Apr 2017

Occasionally I stand with one artwork for fifteen minutes. The work Booksmart by Josh Owen at Canberra Contemporary Art Space Manuka was a case in point.

There is a projection on the wall of spines of Encyclopedias of various ages that are scrolling right.. There are small electric fans on the floor below the screen pointing in the direction of the viewer. There are 99 volumes of encyclopedias laid out open on the floor in rows. At the viewer’s feet there are fans pointing towards the screen. In the centre there is a data projector aimed at the screen and a speaker with an audio track playing.

As you stand there the fans blow the pages back and forth in unpredictable ways but the weighty tomes never move themselves. The sound track is a definition of encyclopedia and other linked material spoken in a delightfully “Hal” like voice. Two things happen over time. The scrolling on the screen gradually speeds up until the images on the screen become an indistinguishable blur and the delightful soundtrack also speeds up until it also becomes an incomprehensible babble.

Josh was in the gallery and it was great to be able to discuss the layers of comment and insight this work gives to modern knowledge access and transfer. I love the work – it is a great contemplative device and I have discussed it with several people in the week since I saw it.

C J Taylor Visual Arts Graduate Season @ ANU School of Arts Gallery

C J Taylor has put together a gorgeous set of richly diverse products for a PHD Graduate exhibition. He plays around with size, development, composition, and surface texture to show content and a viewer engagement to photographic products.

The gallery material below has details and commentary by the artist and there are some images to poorly show the items. The depth and engagement these artworks evoke in the gallery are not able to be shown online.

Making Design Research @ ANU School of Arts Gallery

15-25 February 2017

One of the exhibitions in the ANU School of Arts Gallery this year was one that featured works from both staff and students around the three words Making, Design and Research  The great thing about this type of exhibition is diversity inclusions and styles of the work on show. Digital screens, high tech materials through to fabric and knitted product. Creativity clear in all and there are pics below with gallery materials.


Anja Loughead – Finlandia Hymn @ Photoaccess Manuka

2-26 February 2017

In a video Anja Loughead has channeled  Sibelius by creating a modern take on some of his work. The video has Ms Loughead close to the camera with modern approach and lyrics. I got the feeling I would have got more of this if I was more familiar with the work of Sibelius.

Two still pics and the gallery sheet below

img_20170225_120217 img_20170225_120233

Kinetic Light -Dominic Aldis, John Coralan @ M16 Artspace

2-29 2017

The M16 Blurb on this exhibition web page reads:

Kinetic Light is an exhibition featuring the work of Canberra-based artists John Carolan and Dominic Aldis. They examine the way we perceive projected light forms through movement, interaction and materiality using interactive technology, and mixed media traditional art forms.

John Carolan’s work Gesture uses movement and the body to render light on a structure composed of wood, cardboard and other materials, simulating a canvas the viewer can ‘draw’ on using light.

Through this, the artist is a facilitator, offering the viewing audience the tools to manipulate form and composition.

The iridescent colours invite a sense playfulness from viewer, with the interactive elements challenging the idea of art being static and immovable.

It was fun to watch  and participate in The pics below are projected.