Drawn Thread @ ANU School of Art Foyer Gallery

26 July – 5 Aug 2017

A wide ranging series of creations with drawn thread as their tie together were on exhibition at ANU School of Arts Foyer Gallery in late July early August. The artists put together portraits, patch work and many other artforms that were cotton based and tied together or created by use of thread. A wonderful range of approaches were visible in the works illustrated below.

Branching Out – Joan Costanzo @ Form Studio and Gallery

3-20 August 2017

Joan Costanzo has created a collection or works inspired by spectacular parts of the natural world. Her creations reference trees, tree roots deltas, and other river courses. The results are complex highly skillful executions of great ideas. Sample pics below:

Voyagers Tales – Nicola Dixon @ Beaver Galleries

10 – 27 August 2017

Nicola Dickson creates rich works that weave together lots of cultural references.in gorgeous novel combinations. This current set includes unusual Australian animals classic Pacific ocean people and various aesthetics from Japan and other distinctive cultures.

Below are selected images (not very good pics) and the gallery materials.

Avital Scheffer – Wanderlust @ Beaver Galleries

10 – 27 August 2017

I demonstrate remarkable self control in the presence of artworks by Avital Scheffer. Every fibre of my body cries out to touch, caress and pick up these attractive ceramic artifacts. The objects ooze Middle Eastern culture from the faded sun drenched colours to the faded painted Hebrew inscriptions on parts of the works.

Scheffer creates objects that evoke Arabian nights with their wonderful curves and decorative shapes. From the narrow necks and pointed stoppers ro the curvey bodies of these vessels there is a historical reference to all of her work.

I love her work and have the gallery sheet and some pics below


Jimmy Langer – Retrograde @ Megalo Print Studio and Gallery

29 July – 19 August 2017

Jimmy Langer works in print on paper and print on transparent perspex. Each form involves layered elements that can be swirling abstract or almost tartan like geometric interwoven strong coloured grids.The perspex sheets are playful in that the viewer can get a different sense from any angle you care to view them from

Pics below give you a sense of Langer’s work



Images Redeemed – James Rowell @ Canberra Contemporary Art Space Manuka

3-13 August 2017

James Rowell creates images using rich layered thickly applied acrylic paints in vibrant colours. He starts with a pre-existing image and sets out to reimage it in a new creative way. His images are identifiably anchored in other images but are distinctively a Rowell image. Several images include text quotes stenciled into the paint. I found the explanations from James in the gallery helpful.

Below are pictures and gallery materials.


Body tracing and the soft gaze Rose Mary Faulkner and Catherine Newton @ Belconnen Arts Centre

29 July – 20 August 2017

Glass art is a varied form open to a huge range of expressions of creativity and skill. Rose Mary Faulkner and Catherine Newton have exhibited several styles of glass in their show at Belconnen Arts Centre. Catherine Newton produces brightly coloured blown glass on crafted wood stands. Rose Mary Faulkner has almost sandblasted toned sections of undulating glass. Both artists are skilled and there are examples and gallery materials below.