Julian Laffan – Le Monde: observations of place @ Beaver Galleries

18 May – 4 June 2017

Julian Laffan creates gorgeous representations of place in delicately prepared woodcuts. The two tone natural looking creations are supplemented with a small flash or two of bright colour to highlight a feature but for me the beauty is in the craftsmanship of the wood work. Many of the scenes were familiar with Laffan’s take on how they were carved in the wood.

I did not have my camera with me so I have only included the gallery materials but as usual the high quality sheets from Beaver have some of the images included.

Cat Mueller – Nonstop! @ ANCA Gallery

17 May – 4 June 2017

If you ever want to see vibrant colour and rich contrast in abstract works of art Cat Mueller is the place to go. Her last exhibition I saw at Manuka was of small dotted almost seventies day glow style paintings.

This exhibition is of large almost graffiti style works made of vibrant lines made with the use of airbrushes and sets of contrasting backgrounds. The room is an explosion of colour and excitement on large canvasses.

Sample artworks and gallery materials are below.

Gay Emmerson – Yet another Gumtree exhibition @ Form Studio and Gallery

1-19 June 2017

My first reaction to the blurb was framed in my recent experience selling things through the Australian online market site. I did not get the connection till I walked into the gallery to be confronted by real gum trees in paint.

Have a look at some samples and the gallery material below – they are great

Andrea McCuaig – Selected works @ Form Studio and Gallery

May 31 – June 19 2017

Large, sweeping, dance inspired abstractions are what Andrea McCuaig has on exhibition at the Form Gallery at Queanbeyan. Her works are sometimes in black and white tones and others are full of explosive reds and oranges.

Some sample pics and gallery materials are below.


Heidi Strachan – This way Works in wax and clay @ Watson Arts Centre

18 May – 11 June 2017

Heidi Strachan has her recent work on display at the Watson Arts Cetnre now. It is a great combination between pottery objects of various kinds and finishes and works on the wall that are a mix of textured surfaces and wax. The works are attractive in a way that makes me want to pick up and run my fingers over.

Pics and Gallery materials below


The Opening Day 9 May 1927 @ Museum of Australian Democracy Canberra

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the event Old Parliament House has a walk around exhibition to recall the people and events of the day when it was opened. As with all good exhibitions of this style the detail is precise and multi sourced. The photos come from the famous and the humble and are taken of a diverse citizens and indigenous non citizens and foreign and local significant individuals.

It is not over done but it does a great job of recording the day back in an era in which there was not a million selfies on line to choose from.

Flyers and pics below.

One to eight – Australia’s first Prime Ministers @ Museum of Australian Democracy Canberra

Alison Alder has created a marvelous portrait collection of the first eight men to grace the Australian political landscape in the role of Prime Minister. The pictures are standard styles but have been coloured up and decorated in wonderful fluro flashes of colour.

Perhaps the crowning glory of the exhibition is the sumptuous wall paper on the walls in the rooms. The pattern is geometric and woven into the traditional cameo spaces in the wall papers are traditional oval cameos of the wives of the leaders. It created a remarkable commentary on the world of the time in which the women were wallpaper to the real world of men.

I love the space and I love Alison’s take on our early political leadership.