Changes @ Watson Arts Centre

13-30 July 2017

Steve Roper, Robyn Campbell, Lesley Lebkowicz, Anne Langridge and Georgina Bryant have cooperated with each other to put on an exhibition of paint, pottery, glass and clay at the Watson Arts Centre in July

These creatives show the use of lots of media to express themselves and the room is full of experiment and beauty. There are some examples and a gallery sheet below.


The Italian Connection @ Queanbeyan Arts Centre

Several Canberra Queanbeyan area ceramic artists and a painter have come together in an exhibition at the Queanbeyan Arts Centre titled the Italian connection. The artists are June Roblom Liz Crowe, Linda Davy, Shirley Dunn, Anne Langridge, Monika Leone and Fran Romano
There are a big range of styles in the room Some artists have created beautiful functional objects like the Liz Crowe cups below. One artist has created a set of artifacts that look like archeological fragments. Anne Langridge has a set of striking garden pots as illustrated below. The final inclusion below is a sample of june Roblom’s art which like most of the material on the wall has a strong Italian connection. This connection is partly through direct representation of the physical geography of of Italy in other works it is via historical reference to people and places. There are other tonal references to shape and colour.
Liz Crowe

Anne Langridge

Jenny Rohblom

CeraMIX @ Form Studio and Gallery Queanbeyan

Today we went to a gallery we have never been to before.  It is the Form Studio and Gallery in Aurora St Queanbeyan. It is in an industrial estate on the north east of Queanbeyan. The gallery has white walls polished concrete floors and lots of natural light. We went to see the current exhibition called CeraMIX which consists of a varied selection of ceramic works by a dozen creators.

Works range from delicate almost translucent white objects to large creations of rock-like objects on which delightful creations have been embedded. I have included a few pictures to give the sense of the material. Both of us loved the work of several of these artists and will put this gallery on our regular circuit.

ceraMIX artists include: Agnieszka Berger, Melinda Brouwer, Pam Crossley, Judy Greenfield, Jenny Harris, Erin Kocaj, Anne Langridge, Anne Masters, Fran Romano, Tania Tuominen, Jo Victoria,, Zhou Xuan,.