Rubies @ ANU School of Art Gallery

10 August – 9 September 2017

The Rubies exhibition is a bringing together works from a group of artists involved in the Early Artists Support Scheme (EASS). There is a adventurousness about the works and as the group is new to art practice there is a marvelous range of styles and approaches on display. Have a look below at some of the samples.

Step into the limelight @ ANU School of Art Gallery

July – Aug 2017

An annual exhibition of art created by students in schools in held under the title Ïnto the Limelight. It was exhibited at the ANU School of Arts Gallery. Each year there is a huge range of skills and creativity in this exhibition. The curators take in a big range of ages and the exhibition includes pottery, painting, photography and fashion. There are some samples below to illustrate the range.

Naturally Yours @ ANU School of Art Gallery

16 June – 15 July 2017

Naturally yours is an exhibition of artists who are working at the university with environmental issues. Sixteen early career artists have contributed works to this exhibition. Some of the inclusions surprised me in this description.

The pics and gallery materials are below.


50-50 @ ANU School of Art Gallery

12 May – 12 June 2017

The ANU has lots of art scattered across all its departments. This exhibition brings together 50 works to celebrate the 50 years since the passing of the referendum to grant indigenous people some basic rights.

The exhibition includes deeply traditional tribal paintings on bark through gorgeous fashion designed fabrics and lots of other styles of layout.and composition. I loved the variety of works selected.  A group of pics are included below.

Vice Chancellors College Fellowship Scheme 2016 @ ANU School of Art Gallery

The unique scheme done at the ANU fosters art excellence. Each year the exhibition reveals a fascinating range of art creativity. Attached is the PDF of the catalogue gives huge insight into the practice of the artists. There are also pics below and some gallery materials.

Erica Seccombe @ ANU School of Art Gallery

8-16 October 2016

This exhibition was part of the Graduate Exhibition series the ANU School of Art stages in their gallery each year. Erica Seccombe’s was a remarkable set of video creations in which in a dark room took the viewer into the beautiful world of microscopic living forms that transformed in front of your eyes combined with materials taken from the slow growing treescape of the Canberra Arboretum. Some of the images were so engrossing in their slow and beautiful movement it was hard to look away.

There are a couple of still shots below taken at the show. I hope I see more of her work.

20161014_162749 20161014_162805 20161014_163159

EASS Margaret Munro Prize @ ANU School of Art Gallery

8 – 15 October 2016

Mahala Hill, Cat Mueller, Sian Watson

Mahala Hill,creates gorgeous objects made from bone china and coloured porcelain. To me they look as if they are inspired by coastline life forms but in the gallery sheet it is exploring lots of other issues

Cat Mueller creates big colourful works in aerosol paint and oil paint. they are abstract and have a combination of hard and soft colouring.

Sian Watson has created objects made from materials such as plaster, steel, chicken wire, dry clay and liquid nails among others. Her works fuse the forms of human, birds and other animals.

There are some pics below and a link.

20161014_163224-copy 20161014_163230-copy 20161014_163245-copy

20161014_163323-copy 20161014_163445 20161014_16343820161014_163551 20161014_163524 20161014_163513