Wiwa Babbarra @ ANU School of Art

Mid year in the ANU School of Art Foyer Gallery there was an exhibition of creative large scale printed fabrics from the Wiwa Babbarra women’s collective from Arnham land. I only took one snap but the text material below is clear in its explanation of the work of this creative group.

Ailan Buumer – Erub Arts @ ANU School of Art

May 6- 28 2016

“An exhibition of drawings, design, fabric and fashion by artists from Erub Arts, Erub (Darnley Island) Torres Strait” is on at the ANU School of Arts gallery.

The gallery space vibrates with bright colours and tropical coastal inspried themes in the sparkling prints. The fabrics are supplemented with clothes and artwork that clearly prepare for the fabrics.  I love the fact that the curators have installed large samples of the fabric on the walls so the visitor gets a sense of the scale and the consuming beauty of thesefabrics.

There is a pdf catalogue on the website


Sample pics below show the sparkling beauty of the products

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Step into the limelight @ ANU School of Art

Last month there was a great exhibition at the ANU School of Art Gallery featuring school student art from many Canberra schools. The range of art on display was huge. Clothing, photography, sculpture, woodwork, painting and other forms of art. I get a buzz being exposed to the creativity and skill of students. Sometimes their work is highly derivative, some is simple reproduction but lots of it is innovative and demonstrates real mastery of their craft. Below is the flyer for the exhibition




Digital art @ Nishi

There are a collection of fun digital artworks on display at the Nishi Gallery at New Acton that have been produced by ANU art students and staff. Some are interactive with sensors translating the viewer’s action through software into intresting changes in the art work. Others are created using digital ways and means to produce moving images that are funny and confronting.
There is a large wall poster of the Australian Prime Minister as the minister for women created out of thousands of smaller high definition pictures that are largely soft porn or advertising type images. It is remarkable to look at both from a distance and close up.
As is often the case in Canberra it wa great to chat with some of the artists at the space. It is only on for a short time and I find it sad that info about shows at this adventurous space is so hard to find.



2013 Graduate exhibition @ ANU School of Art

It s always a special treat to go to Graduate exhibition at the ANU School of Art. This year was lots of fun. It began outside where one artist had created some delightful bright nylon structures in the trees opposite the gallery by the HC Coombes complex. Photos attached







Inside there were a big range of styles and types of creations – videos, tiny glass works, and a collection of delightful chess like pieces out of folded grey paper. Rather than describe I will add a selection of pics to give some sense of the creations.