Recovery- the Friends’ Photography exhibition at the Australian National Botanical Gardens.

“Recovery” was the 8th annual photographic exhibition by the Friends of the Australian National Botanic Gardens Photographic Group. Photos taken by people who love their subject matter often have a special quality about them. This exhibition was made up of no nonsense clear images of the remarkable flora and fauna contained in the fences of the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra. All photos were created by members of the group. On display there were framed images, photographic prints, cards and other items. I am sure even though the exhibition is over the group will have materials for sale if you contact them through the Gardens visitor centre.

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Art in the garden with friends @ Australian National Botanic Gardens

18 March – 17 April 2017

Humans are incorrigibly creative. Botanical artists always amaze me in the creativity they display within self chosen constraints. These artists have a passion for precision. The accuracy and detail that is woven into most of these works never ceases to amaze me.

The creativity comes in with scale, detail,context. and a myriad of styles and techniques.. I have always loved attending these styles of exhibitions and this is an annual one centering around the work of Friends of the Australian National Botanical Gardens. Sadly there are no photographs signs all around so I have only included public advertising display material below.

Natalie Marris – Far flung universe @ Australian National Botanic Gardens

8 Feb – 12 Mar 2016

The Web link below reads: Her third solo exhibition ‘Far-Flung Universe’ celebrates texture, detail and earthy colours. For the mindful observer, the collection reveals the awesome power of unfolding geological time and exquisite moments of accretion and erosion.

She  uses natural ingredients such as bark and lichens combined with plastics and other human contributions. The items are beautiful visually and surprising at closer inspection. Lovely almost amusing takes on our cosmos.

img_20170211_110931 img_20170211_110946 img_20170211_111037 img_20170211_111116 img_20170211_111227 img_20170211_111317 img_20170211_111324 img_20170211_111419 img_20170211_111606

Bonsai Show @ Australian National Botanic Gardens

I love Bonsai.- this show is exclusively Australian Native plants done in Bonsai traditions. There are heaps of identifiably garden variety Eucalypts and other types of trees and shribs in miniature pots and shapes. The skills that are needed combined with patience produce artifacts of remarkable beauty. The pics below give the look.

20151107_122150 20151107_122310 20151107_122337 20151107_122447 20151107_122659 20151107_122816 20151107_122933 20151107_123118 20151107_124356 IMAG0022 IMAG0023 IMAG0024 IMAG0025 IMAG0026 IMAG0027 IMAG0028 IMAG0029

Yangupala Tjuta Waakarinyi – Many young people working @ Australian National Botanical Gardens

@ Australian National Botanic Gardens
July 4-12
As part of the Ceramics Triennale Stepping up in Canberra in July there is a stunningly beautiful set of pottery objects in the exhibition space at the Australian National Botanic Gardens. The indigenous artists creating these objects are not afraid of strong functional pots and they seem to love vibrant colour and pattern. Most of the creators are in their twenties and thirties. The exhibition is titled Yangupala Tjuta Waakarinyi and is driven by the work of Ernabella Arts artists in Pakatja Community in north west South Australia. Ernabella Arts is an indigenous creative community established in in 1948. The works on display have been made in the ceramic workshop which was set up in 2003.
I truly enjoyed walking through this set because the designs are so modern and indigenous at the same time. While the colour palette was rich and varied it still had an earth and plant inspired range of colours. Every object looked useful and they all looked sturdy.
Pics and gallery sheet below









20150704_10463420150706 1

20150706 2

20150706 3

20150706 4

Eighteenth annual photographic competition for Queanbeyan and ACT school students @ Australian National Botanic Gardens

Photography has many styles and uses. The ANBG holds an annual photographic competition for regional high school students focused on the gardens. There are a set of categories and awards are made in each. The students demonstrate skills in choice, composition, creativity and the use of the digital technologies. The results are great, especially considering a very constrained subject matter.
Below are a sample





Branching out in the Botanic Gardens @ Australian National Botanic Gardens

Margaret Hadfield Zorgdrager is a local Canberra artist with an exhibition of paintings at the Australian National Botanic Gardens. The topic of most of the paintings are as the advertised theme says branches. The branches are those remarkable artworks of gnarled and twisted Eucalypts and other natives. Several of the works are in segments of small paintings put together in a set. She has included several other paintings from the environment. It is delightful small set and worth a visit.




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Celebate our nation’s gardens @ Australian National Botanic Gardens

The little gallery in the Information Centre at the Australian National Botanic Gardens is hosting a high school photographic competition display at present. With contestants from about half a dozen area schools the students had to take photos in the gardens in several categories such as black and white, people in the gardens, altered images and there was a distinction between yrs 7-10 and yrs 11 and 12.

I love the increasing rate of school student art and photo display open to the public. If you can get up there the photos are great. I have attached a few phone pics (pretty dodgy) to give you an idea.