From Forest to the Sea – Barbara Dawson and Jo Hollier @ Belconnen Arts Centre

19 Aug – 11 September 2016

The exhibition of the two artists Barbara Dawson and Jo Hollier at the Belconnen Arts Centre is a collaboration between two artists who love nature and have elements of similarity in their practices. The exhibition has an autumnal tone about it through its textures and tones.

The works range from delicate layered paper reations through to fold out books and soft see through fabrics.The pics of this beautiful and the gallery sheet are below.

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Cloth, Paper, String – Jo Hollier and Barbara Dawson @ Belconnen Arts Centre

At the exhibition I got to chat with Barbara Dawson about her work. She works with felt, silk and many other materials using a fascinating set of dies and methods. She explained to me the use of metals and wires that are wrapped up in fabric that are soaked in dyes. Different metals react with dyes and fabrics to produce different colours. The ways the materials are wrapped show up in different patterns.
The overall look is warm and autumnal. A silk scarf had a look of tree bark. Some fabrics are richly stitched and use great colours
The Jo Hollier Works have a delightful hand made book structure. Using similar autumnal tones and natural dyes to give colour and tone she then constructs artist books. There are other constructs but the most striking are the books.
Beautiful – attractive and very inexpensive
Flyer gallery sheet and pics below