Julie Bartholemew – Tread Carefully @ Beaaver Galleries

18 May – 4 June 2017

Julie Bartholemew in her Tread Carefully exhibition at Beaver Galleries engages some of the thorny issues of humans living and working on this planet. She combines a certain classy elegance with some confronting content to make it clear that we need to treat gently on planet Earth.

Using scientific equipment and chemical accoutrements created out of white porcelein she tweaks the items to convey a great message of care of the environment and respect for the plant life on the areas we live in. Each item has elegant copperplate writing that conveys information.

I did not have my camera so I only have gallery stuff below

Julian Laffan – Le Monde: observations of place @ Beaver Galleries

18 May – 4 June 2017

Julian Laffan creates gorgeous representations of place in delicately prepared woodcuts. The two tone natural looking creations are supplemented with a small flash or two of bright colour to highlight a feature but for me the beauty is in the craftsmanship of the wood work. Many of the scenes were familiar with Laffan’s take on how they were carved in the wood.

I did not have my camera with me so I have only included the gallery materials but as usual the high quality sheets from Beaver have some of the images included.

Alex Asch – Strange Couplings @ Beaver Galleries

Alex Asch creates wonderful works out of re-purposed materials. In all his art he finds timber and other artifacts that he then weaves together to make some further intriguing objects . The latest exhibition mounted at Beaver Galleries has hangable objects that are all painted a generally flat black. These objects are made out of musical instruments elegant hair-combs and lots of other timber objects. The resulting works are almost like idols or gods. Hung together they are a remarkably striking set.

See some examples below

Refraction – Group glass show @ Beaver Galleries

27 Jan – 12 Feb 2017

What an amazing idea for a show. Each of the fifteen artists were asked to create a glass work that reflects the work of the previous work in the sequence of the show. As you walk around the room you have some highly skilled artists developing a work in their own style that takes up something in another artist’s work. The connections are fascinating.

Below I have included some pics and gallery materials. As with all glass pictures never do Justice to what is seen in the room.

img_20170204_123319 img_20170204_123420 img_20170204_123448 img_20170204_123506 img_20170204_123804

img_20170204_123830 img_20170204_123913 img_20170204_123942 img_20170204_124029 img_20170204_124103

Lucy Culiton and Anna Culiton “Our Animals ” @ Beaver Gallery

10 – 27 November 2016

The Culiton sisters love animals and express their love through art. A current exhibition in the Beaver Gallery features paintings by Lucy and sculptures by Anna. The sisters have a wonderful take on their subjects. Lucy creates remarkable portraits of animals that ooze personality and interest. Anna creates pottery stories through the combination of pots plants and finely worked creatures or birds.

The gallery has more info on their web page


Pictures below

dsc01480 dsc01481 dsc01486 dsc01488 dsc01489 dsc01505 dsc01508 dsc01510 dsc01511 dsc01512 dsc01515 dsc01517 imag0006 imag0007 imag0009 imag0010

Holly Grace – Solitude @ Beaver Galleries

20 October – 6 November 2016

Holly Grace makes beautiful glass objects. Most are decorated with alpine foliage.Some are bowls and functional objects others are simply beautiful decorations. The exhibited objects in this show I liked the most were the glass houses with a light inside that projected versions of the houses on the walls. Strikingly beautiful and fascinating.

Below are some pics and gallery materials.

20161022_111029 20161022_111048 20161022_111129 20161022_111137 20161022_111321 20161022_111343 20161022_111549 20161022_111555 imag0029 imag0030 imag0035 imag0036

Helen Geier – Coming Storm @ Beaver Galleries

15 September – 2 October 2016

Geier has created some rich, layered complex images through which according to her blurb she wants to represent the dramatic changes that are happening and are coming in the past certainties of our society.  Titled “Coming Storm” her paintings layer fractures over other images and lay alongside confusion and stability. There are layers behind with holes cut through so you get hints of what lies beyond.

There is a level at which what is being expressed is important but without discounting that aspect, these artworks are stunningly attractive objects rich with texture and delightful earthy colours.

There are sample pics and gallery materials below.

20160923_162905 20160923_162912 20160923_162952 20160923_162958 20160923_163200 20160923_163214 20160926_093930 20160926_093940 20160926_093947 20160926_093957 20160926_094016