Voyagers Tales – Nicola Dixon @ Beaver Galleries

10 – 27 August 2017

Nicola Dickson creates rich works that weave together lots of cultural gorgeous novel combinations. This current set includes unusual Australian animals classic Pacific ocean people and various aesthetics from Japan and other distinctive cultures.

Below are selected images (not very good pics) and the gallery materials.

Avital Scheffer – Wanderlust @ Beaver Galleries

10 – 27 August 2017

I demonstrate remarkable self control in the presence of artworks by Avital Scheffer. Every fibre of my body cries out to touch, caress and pick up these attractive ceramic artifacts. The objects ooze Middle Eastern culture from the faded sun drenched colours to the faded painted Hebrew inscriptions on parts of the works.

Scheffer creates objects that evoke Arabian nights with their wonderful curves and decorative shapes. From the narrow necks and pointed stoppers ro the curvey bodies of these vessels there is a historical reference to all of her work.

I love her work and have the gallery sheet and some pics below


Nicola Ayliffe – Studio Glass @ Beaver Galleries

8 – 25 June 2017

Nicola Ayliffe creates beautiful objects. Her glass gleams and draws you in through its glossy surfaces and lense like crystal clarity and fine coloured designs that weave through the insides of these gorgeous creations.

Pictures and gallery materials below.

Bruno Leti – The painterly print @ Beaver Galleries

8 – 25 June 2017

Monotypes are a special type of print that are close to a painting. Leti is an internationally famous abstract artist. This show had a great set of subtly coloured works many of which  have a geometric approach.The styles vary and they range from almost chaotic layouts to highly structured ones.

Some pics below and the gallery notes



Julie Bartholemew – Tread Carefully @ Beaaver Galleries

18 May – 4 June 2017

Julie Bartholemew in her Tread Carefully exhibition at Beaver Galleries engages some of the thorny issues of humans living and working on this planet. She combines a certain classy elegance with some confronting content to make it clear that we need to treat gently on planet Earth.

Using scientific equipment and chemical accoutrements created out of white porcelein she tweaks the items to convey a great message of care of the environment and respect for the plant life on the areas we live in. Each item has elegant copperplate writing that conveys information.

I did not have my camera so I only have gallery stuff below

Julian Laffan – Le Monde: observations of place @ Beaver Galleries

18 May – 4 June 2017

Julian Laffan creates gorgeous representations of place in delicately prepared woodcuts. The two tone natural looking creations are supplemented with a small flash or two of bright colour to highlight a feature but for me the beauty is in the craftsmanship of the wood work. Many of the scenes were familiar with Laffan’s take on how they were carved in the wood.

I did not have my camera with me so I have only included the gallery materials but as usual the high quality sheets from Beaver have some of the images included.

Alex Asch – Strange Couplings @ Beaver Galleries

Alex Asch creates wonderful works out of re-purposed materials. In all his art he finds timber and other artifacts that he then weaves together to make some further intriguing objects . The latest exhibition mounted at Beaver Galleries has hangable objects that are all painted a generally flat black. These objects are made out of musical instruments elegant hair-combs and lots of other timber objects. The resulting works are almost like idols or gods. Hung together they are a remarkably striking set.

See some examples below