Mono and more – Ilona Lasmanis, Robyn McAdam and Steve Tomlin @ Belconnen Arts Centre

6-28 May 2017

In May there were a gorgeous exhibition in Belconnen featuring three artists with diverse styles. Abstract, collage, landscape feature in these works but the technical skills are almost unseen in these phone pics below. The gallery sheet is below.


Shed – Gillian Jackson @ Belconnen Arts Centre

6-28 May 2017

I love it when people bring together contrasting surprising elements in their artwork. Gillian Jackson works in hard cold glass and creates works that are surfaced as if they are snake skins. The come together is attractive and to a certain extent unnerving. Snakes and humans have a relationship of lets say tension. They are beautiful and extraordinarily tactile in hand but there is a certain danger.

The exhibition included lots of rings arranged in beautiful layouts to demonstrate changes in tone and effects The piaster resistance is a pair of large greenish blue lit glass works that have snake skin motifs embedded in them.

Gallery stuff and pics below.


Beauties and Beasts @ Belconnen Arts Centre

6-28 May 2017

This is the 22nd annual exhibition of the University of Canberra design Faculty of Arts and Design. The researchers are addressing the theme of Beauties and Beasts. Beauties and Beasts harnesses the power of creative practice to represent what is beautiful and/or beastly about our relationship with the natural world: the exhibition will explore these ideas in a range of arts and written media. 



En El Moment : In the Moment – Painting with Parkinson’s Group @ Belconnen Arts Centre

8-30 April -2017

Collaborations in art are often rich. That fact is demonstrated in a beautiful set of works by the Painting with Parkinson’s Group currently on display at the Belconnen Arts Centre. The bulk of the works are abstract works in watercolour on almost blotting paper type of surfaces. Many of those works are intriguing and point in beautiful ways to various types of landscapes and other subject material.

The collaboration is with the Calligraphers. They have taken a few dozen of the paintings and added apposite quotes to compliment the artwork in gorgeously adapted calligraphy to produce another type of artwork. For these works there is a published book available in the gallery that has each of these works reproduced. It is delightful.

Pics and gallery material is below.

Woman in a wash basket – Vee Malnar @ Belconnen Arts Centre

8-30 April 2017

Some artists radiate a sense of humour through their art. Vee Malnar is a very funny person and her art had me happy in a sympathetic way as I digested her fun work. Domestic complexity is at the heart of Malnar’s work. She portrays women in domestic places doing a mix of juggling tasks. I have included just a few of them that truly touched me with a sense of familiarity and of fun.

Pics and gallery material was below.

Changing Tides: Waters of the Past – Tracey Benson @ Belconnen Arts Centre

8-30 April 2017

Tracey Benson has a starkly beautiful set of photos on display at Belconnen Arts Centre. They are of forbidding landscapes with connections to runes and a deep Nordic heritage. In the gallery there are also a set of artifacts to connect with the photos. Below are some pics and gallery material to give a sense of the exhibition

Sweety – Belinda Jessup and Melanie Olde @ Belconnen Arts Centre

11 March – 2 April 2017

The web page for this exhibition reads

A homage to the decadence, frivolity, beauty and expression of couturier Christian Lacroix.Jessup and Olde communicate their aesthetic pleasure in responding to Lacroix’s garments and reverie: the colours, textures and patterns.

The items on display are richly coloured, intensly woven and visually attractive. Some woven materials are are created from natural colours and have an earthy look.  These works are brilliant, glimmering, intense, visually beautiful items.

The intricate nature of these works are visible in the pics below but in the room they glow in a much more attractive way.