Graeme Base – Other Worlds – Exploring the Universe at Belconnen Arts Centre

Image from Belcoarts website from the book.

Delayed by Covid 19 the exhibition of some work in the creative world of Graeme Base is now open at Belconnen Arts Centre. Base has a legendary forte in the field of visually rich large format highly illustrated books. The books are a global phenomenon and this exhibition focuses mainly on the work called The Worst Band in the Universe. An exhibition of Base’s work would be enormous so the curators of this exhibition use one book to give an insight into his world.

The exhibition takes you through the process of creation. There are thin pencil sketches of fantastic creatures and worlds, there are mocked up pages to envision text and image lay out. There are rich colour images that made it into the final book. There are foreign language versions of the book. This relatively small exhibition shines a bright light on what I see as the genius of Graeme Base and his world.

I love his work and I thoroughly enjoyed this insight into his work. There are QR codes in the space with interviews and other materials. There are events conducted to expand our understanding of this creative man and happily the exhibition is on till Sunday February 6 2022.

Exhibtion link

Graeme Base Website

Heart Strong – Six locally based Indigenous women artists at Belconnen Arts Centre

Natasha Best – Wildflower Dreaming

This colourful exhibition features the work of six indigenous women living in Ngunnawal Country (Canberra area). Most of the creations have a distinctive indigenous style using abundant dots and traditional motifs. Some of the artists have taken on almost luminous or day glo look to their works but have maintained a vivid traditional styles. The artists are Natasha Best, Leah Brideson, Megan Daley, Kayannie Denigan, Krystal Hurst and Kristie Peters.The overall look of the eshibition is visually exciting. Most of the works are for sale from $230 to $6,500 from the shop.

Website: Shop:

Duncan Smith – Reflections of my country at Belconnen Arts Centre

Duncan Smith taken in reflective room at Belcoarts

Duncan Smith has created rich landscape guides of his Wiradjuri country in traditional indigenous styles for exhibition here in Canberra. As you look at them you can see the landscapes they refer to with clarity. There is a vital variety of colour and representation in these 32 works and they are all for sale from $800 to $4200. There is a disadvantage to the appreciation of these works in that they are all framed behind glass in a highly reflective space.

The exhibition is on until Sunday 15 August 2021

The website is

The works can be bought through the shop

Here is a link to a City News article on this.

Cut out – Meredith Hughes and Naomi Souwer @ Belconnen Arts Centre

20 Oct – 12 Nov 2017

This is a small exhibition with nine works. Each piece is a composite of outline shapes and object shapes laid out on the wall. Each of the elements are cut from larger pieces and put on the wall as glue-backed paper. The papers are sometimes cut because of their rich patterned surface that when cut in outline shapes are striking in shape and colour. Other parts or the work are cut outs of flowers people and many other items taken from fabric or wall papers to create pictures and artworks of vivid colour and intriguing composition.

More details of this exhibition is on the BAC website page

Flights of Fancy – Gillian Wilde @ Belconnen Arts Centre

26 Aug – 17 Sept 2017

The artworks of Gillian Wilde in this exhibition feature birds. The birds that are featured are not twee pretty forms but ragged. She has linked the artworks of birds to her sense of history and place through her artist statement on the gallery sheet below.

The pics and galley sheet below give a sense of what she has created.


Poetry and Place – Dianne Firth @ Belconnen Arts Centre

26 Aug – 17 Sept 2017

This exhibition has integrated fine Canberra focused artworks of Dianne Firth with matching poetry that illustrates and illuminates both Canberra and the artworks Ms Firth has created. The artworks are layered with fabric built on netting and many of them are views of the Canberra landscape seen through the trees that are all over our landscape.

Below are some samples of the art, the poems and the gallery sheet and prices.





Body tracing and the soft gaze Rose Mary Faulkner and Catherine Newton @ Belconnen Arts Centre

29 July – 20 August 2017

Glass art is a varied form open to a huge range of expressions of creativity and skill. Rose Mary Faulkner and Catherine Newton have exhibited several styles of glass in their show at Belconnen Arts Centre. Catherine Newton produces brightly coloured blown glass on crafted wood stands. Rose Mary Faulkner has almost sandblasted toned sections of undulating glass. Both artists are skilled and there are examples and gallery materials below.



Disencumbered #2 – Keith Bender @ Belconnen Arts Centre

29 July – 20 August 2017

Keith Bender makes wonderful artworks out of rough hard steel. This exhibition at Belconnen Arts Centre features a single work titled Disencumbered #2. Its cheerful yellow surfaces warms up the cold concrete courtyard in which it is established. I was tempted to crawl through the arch tunnel that this work creates. It is beautiful and the gallery sheet below explains it better than I could (Pics included)


Biographies – Martin Rowney @ Belconnen Arts Centre

29 July – 20 August 2017

Small targeted exhibitions are often surprisingly interesting.  Martin Rowney has five works on display at the Belconnen Arts Centre around the lives of four people. Each of the art works have unique elements in them that speak to the life and individual and reflect the back story that is displayed on the wall. Each of the works has an artistic interest and merit in itself but become richer with the person’s brief bio in mind.

Rowney is an archaeologist who uses art to communicate elements of his work. The pics and gallery materials are below.

Feast: Indulgence, Savouring and Delectation @ Belconnen Arts Centre

1-23 July 2017

Feast: Indulgence, Savouring and Delectation is the title of an exhibition from members of the Illawarra Association for the Visual Arts currently on at the Belconnen Arts Centre. The words are chosen to reflect the content of the works on exhibition.

I have included some sample pics and the gallery list and price list below. Lots of variety and heaps of varied skill sets involved.