The Chandelier Show @ Canberra Glassworks

8 June – 6 August 2017

The Canberra Glassworks has impressed me since they opened with their innovative approach to exhibitions both in style, content and collaboration. The current exhibition brings together seven great artists and skillful glass workers to express themselves through an antique artform – the chandelier.

So you walk through the gallery that is lit by seven fabulous reinterpretations of the traditional chandelier all glittering with light and creativity.

Pics and gallery sheet below.

Tom Rowney and Zeljko Markov @ Canberra Glassworks

Collaborations across artists working in different materials are always stimulating. A master glass-worker and an excellent craftsman in wood have works on display in the one exhibition at the Canberra Glass-works.

Tom Rowney makes beautiful glass items that have remarkable lined internal decorations woven into the fabric of the glass.

Zeljko Markov makes blocky creations of varied coloured timber and he has accompanied them with lined prints.

Matthew Curtis and Harriet Schwarzrock – Defining moments @ Canberra Glassworks

26 January – 26 March 2017

The creative partnership between these two has lasted for decades. This exhibition features some of the fabulous production by both of them and it is embedded in the materials and equipment that enable them to do their work. Harriet creates work that is made of glass but sometimes looks as soft as ice cream, Matthew’s work is almost architiectural in its scale and strength and design.

Both these artists play around with the interaction between light and glass. Harriet is working now in some of her work with electric light and glass. There is a delightful feature of this exhibition is that it includes a time line of their careers including development features and awards. Having seen their work over time this show brings together elements I had not understood.

Pics below

img_20170204_115941-copy img_20170204_115951-copy img_20170204_120033-copy img_20170204_120039-copyimg_20170204_120146 img_20170204_121345img_20170204_120308 img_20170204_120357 img_20170204_120432 img_20170204_120509 img_20170204_120538 img_20170204_120547

In Depth – Joanna Bone with Aaron Micallef @ Canberra Glassworks

9 Nov 2016 – 15 Jan 2017

This glass exhibition is a collaboration between a glass artist and a chemist. It seems the collaboration has the combination of artistry in glass and a colourful contribution from someone else. The objects are richly coloured and have an almost coastal vibe about the shapes and patterning.

The pictures below and the gallery material has the sense of the exhibition and it is on for another month.

dsc01819-copy dsc01827-copy dsc01833-copy dsc01837-copy dsc01839-copy dsc01843-copy dsc01856-copy dsc01858-copy dsc01860-copy imag0028-copy imag0029


Fresh Glass @ Canberra Glassworks

15 September – 30 October 2016

The Canberra Glassworks Gallery experiments with content and approach to its core function of exhibiting glass. Right now there is a wonderful experiment in exhibiting glass. They have combined glass arts with relevant accoutrements from the natural world connected with the objects on display. There are vases with arrangements, there are glass flowers with surrounding leaf vegetation, glass surrounded by mosses and succulents.and glass flowers dropped on the floor below a gorgeous nature inspired chandelier.

Canberra Glassworks web page

The pictures below show the adventurous nature of the combination – I loved the vitality of the various combinations that make up each of these artworks.


20161008_113102 20161008_113203 20161008_113223 20161008_113302 20161008_113355 20161008_113420 20161008_113503 20161008_113544 20161008_113551 20161008_113718 20161008_113807 20161008_113909 20161008_114047

Sense – Takeyoshi Mitsui @ Canberra Glassworks

Sense is the title of the current Canberra Glassworks exhibition featuring the work of Takeyoshi Mitsui. The items created by Mitsui during his time in Canberra range fromv purely abstract objects of beautifully created pieces of glass to quite functional items of colourful beauty. They also span smooth almost geometric items and works that have highly varied surfaces.  Every piece in the exhibition has an attractive beauty and demonstrates the skill and artisty in Mitsui’s work.

Pics below. with a gallery blurb

20160723_125235 20160723_125249 20160723_125302 20160723_125355 20160723_125446 20160723_125543 20160723_125557 IMAG0027