Peter van der Mael – Headlands at CCAS Manuka

A one artist show at CCAS’ Manuka space in December featured the work of Peter van der Mael. He showed works in graphite drawings; multi-colour etching; oil painting and pottery which reflect different stages in his artistic development. The image above was my favourite but there is more information and one of the oil paintings on the web link below

CCAS website:

Exhibition link:

Luke Aleksandrow – The Break Collection: Volume One @ CCAS Manuka

The Break Collection is a set of broken pottery items on the floor accompanied by a sound track. Luke Aleksandrow has curated a work that has smashed pottery artworks originally created by local artists. The broken pottery is lying on the floor in distinctive piles. He has put them together with a sound track of the smashing of the items.

The pics are below.

Taciturn – Natalie Azzopardi @ CCAS Manuka

7-17 July 2016

This according to the blurb is an installation of photographic image, text and knitted sculpture which through colour, light and disjointed narrative, explores the constructs of storytelling and memory.

As you walk around the space there are three main elements. Large photographic images that are largely indefinite and are characterised by low light are combined with framed sheets of high quality paper into which she has imprinted uncoloured text. The third element is a set of autumn coloured, knitted sculpture that look like they could be additions to the neck of a dress or act as a stand alone head decoration.

I really enjoyed the exhibition and the elements tell stories through their combination.

Pics and gallery sheet below.

20160712_123505 20160712_123512 20160712_123519 20160712_123534 20160712_123950 IMAG0018

Familiar Impurities – Llewellyn McGarry @ CCAS Manuka

This is a remarkable exhibition and it only goes for one more day. Every time I walk into a gallery I am in anticipation mode. The Canberra Contemporary Art Space at Manuka is a small white room but that gives a certain power to exhibit small sets. Llewellyn McGarry has used six works to create a portrait of the diagnosis and treatment of an unknown malady over a long period
One hundred polaroid pictures taken morning and evening. Two hundred glasses of water taken with various drugs for treatment, an interesting set of embroidered brains and other images. She has a typewriter some connected text and someMRI scans of her head.The piaster resistance is a white board close to the floor on which is arranged 52 lines of various pills.
Having worked out the basic focus of the works we were able to talk with Llewellyn McGarry and she tied it all together around her experience of pain and the challenges of dealing with un named painful conditions. This was a marvelous, touching set of creations with a clarity of expression I appreciated. Some pics below with gallery sheet.






Populate of Perish – Anja Loughead @ CCAS Manuka

Artists engage with migration issues often. The exhibition at Canberra Contemporary Arts Space by Anja Loughead re looks at Bonegilla Migrant reception centre from the 1950s. She weaves wonderful old blankets old migration connected books and photographs artistically interwoven with prints and cut and paste to present a set of engaging images to revive thinking about immigration and our history.
There is a sense of fun combined with an awareness of the toughness of the experience of the migrants. Some of the images are remarkable and the combinations speak volumes – printing news reports on old blankets brought you face to face with the past richly.
Some pics below give a sense of Ms Loughead’s work