Graeme Base – Other Worlds – Exploring the Universe at Belconnen Arts Centre

Image from Belcoarts website from the book.

Delayed by Covid 19 the exhibition of some work in the creative world of Graeme Base is now open at Belconnen Arts Centre. Base has a legendary forte in the field of visually rich large format highly illustrated books. The books are a global phenomenon and this exhibition focuses mainly on the work called The Worst Band in the Universe. An exhibition of Base’s work would be enormous so the curators of this exhibition use one book to give an insight into his world.

The exhibition takes you through the process of creation. There are thin pencil sketches of fantastic creatures and worlds, there are mocked up pages to envision text and image lay out. There are rich colour images that made it into the final book. There are foreign language versions of the book. This relatively small exhibition shines a bright light on what I see as the genius of Graeme Base and his world.

I love his work and I thoroughly enjoyed this insight into his work. There are QR codes in the space with interviews and other materials. There are events conducted to expand our understanding of this creative man and happily the exhibition is on till Sunday February 6 2022.

Exhibtion link

Graeme Base Website