Curious Tales – A Journey through Form – Pete Bollington @ CraftACT Gallery

6 April – 13 May 2017

Highly crafted timber furniture is always attractive. Pete Bollington has 14 gorgeous functional creations made from various fine timbers. There is a credenza, some mirrors, some tables, stools, and an entertainment unit and a shelving unit. The wonderful craftsmanship woven into each of these constructions make all of them very attractive. All of them are for sale and the prices are on the gallery sheets below. Pics give an insight into the quality and style of the works.



Portraits of a Tea Cosy @ CraftACT Gallery

My father used to serve everyone in my family a cup of tea in bed before he went to work every day. I remember this happening even in primary school. I love tea and I still make it in a pot or with an infuser with tea leaves. So this exhibition created by artist Loani Prior and photographer Mark Croker struck a chord with me.
The exhibition brings together some remarkable art objects in the form of tea cosies combined with life accounts and photographs of people with their cosies. This was fun it was colourful and a great celebration of creativity and the quirkiness of human attachment to objects of every day life.
Officially there is a no photograph policy but I sneaked a few because I am naugty and I just loved them so much.
Below are the clandestine pics and a flyer.