Transformation – Members Exhibition 2021 at CraftACT

Upholstered storage box with printed fabric at Craft ACT

One of the truly great annual exhibitions in Canberra is the Members Exhibition at Craft ACT. The members submit a piece or two to the exhibition and auction. CraftACT is a local collective of creatives who all seem to aspire to leadership in their various craft disciplines. Some craft skills I do not understand and some I like little but in this show you never see anything that is not worthy of exhibition.

Glass, furniture, fabrics, pottery, sculpture, metal, jewellery and other craft styles abound and demonstrate the creative potential of each approach.Most objects seem to be available for purchase If you have not seen this display it is only on till Tuesday December 14 2021 – It is well worth the visit.

CraftACT website:

Emerging Contemporaries @ CraftACT

A recent exhibition at Craft ACT was an explosion of gorgeous creativity and craft skill. All participants are classed as emerging but none of them are inexperienced in bringing to exhibition remarkable works of art. The range of materials used was wonderful and the integration of different materials into the same work was impressive. Sample pictures and gallery materials are included below.

Judi Elliott – Black Box: Life, Walls and Houses @ CraftACT

21 July – 27 Aug 2016

This exhibition is glass. Rich, deeply hued, colourful glass. Elliott has created flat objects and three dimensional shapes. The colours are playful and the shapes are attractive. For glass prepared for decoration everything in the exhibition is a delight.

The article below is interesting and there are sample pics below.

20160723_121730-copy 20160723_121753-copy 20160723_121817-copy 20160723_121832-copy 20160723_121844-copy 20160723_121937-copy 20160723_122017-copy 20160723_122051-copy 20160723_122051 20160723_122152-copy 20160723_122201-copy imag0020 imag0021



Fink and Co (Vale Robbie Foster) @ CraftACT

21 July – 27 Aug 2016

Canberra Art, Craft, Design leader was buried this week. CraftACT has a pop up exhibition in Civic that contains selected items that embody the creative excellence that marked Robbie’s life. Below are some pics and some web links.

20160723_121244 20160723_121315 20160723_121439 20160723_121503 20160723_121535 20160723_121555 IMAG0018 IMAG0019


Thought Process – Tom Skeehan @ CraftACT

In its usual classy way Craft ACT has shown the design process through the work of Tom Skeehan-  a furniture creator.. The small display takes the viewer through samples of materials such as metal joints, fabrics, timber types etc., that are used in the creation of a set of simple, elegant, modern, furniture items.  For  non practitioner like me I enjoy looking at the thought process expressed in hard objects and ingredients as well as the simply beautiful finished product.

Sample pics and blurb below

20151121_154306 20151121_154323 20151121_154343 20151121_154416 20151121_154456 20151121_154521 20151121_15453020151121_154448

Daylights – Michelle Day @ CraftACT Gallery Civic Square

Michelle Day has created some remarkable lights for her exhibition at CractACT. Integrating metal and fabric, references to insects and other natural forms each lamp is a unique artwork while providing a functional piece of furniture. CraftACT is the last bastion of no photographs and so I refer you to the article below in the Fairfax press.
I have attached her gallery sheet.

Embracing Innovations Volume 5 @ CraftACT Gallery Civic Square

I go to lots of exhibitions – this one is different. Yes there is a craft element in it but it is all driven by research and technology. Each element has a panel of explanation and there is some interactivity within the displays. There are several developments using 3D printing for day to day use and for further research. There are clever applications using cheap materials to help injured people. One fascinating one allowed you to drive a design program for fabric using gesture over source materials.
This is a fun engaging creative exhibition. Sadly there is a ban on photography in this space so I have attached the Fairfax story and the gallery sheet.




Bogs and Fens @ Craft ACT

Bogs and fens as a title evokes rural soggy and foggy to me. The exhibition has some interesting constructions out of paper. There is a net that is delicate and pristine in white. There are a set of almost cray pot like creations made out of carboard and a set of delicate seed baskets on a wall. The advertising card features a picture of these but does not give a sense of the fact that they are only 20 cm from top to bottom – finely woven from natural fibre. It is a delightful set of creations.IMAG0001IMAG0003 IMAG0004 20150410_163008 20150410_163044 20150410_163142 20150410_163157