Branching Out – Joan Costanzo @ Form Studio and Gallery

3-20 August 2017

Joan Costanzo has created a collection or works inspired by spectacular parts of the natural world. Her creations reference trees, tree roots deltas, and other river courses. The results are complex highly skillful executions of great ideas. Sample pics below:

Land and Sea: states of mind – Christine Scott and Meredith Pammenter-Legg @ Form Studio and Gallery

1st – 22nd February 2017

This exhibition is delicate. Both artists do it differently. One has created paper collages that look fragile, thin and in need of helpful care. The other is a quality set of drawings of items from nature in dark pen and simple natural lay out. It was a large exhibition that I forgot to write up.

Attached are some pics and some gallery material.

Gay Emmerson – Yet another Gumtree exhibition @ Form Studio and Gallery

1-19 June 2017

My first reaction to the blurb was framed in my recent experience selling things through the Australian online market site. I did not get the connection till I walked into the gallery to be confronted by real gum trees in paint.

Have a look at some samples and the gallery material below – they are great

Andrea McCuaig – Selected works @ Form Studio and Gallery

May 31 – June 19 2017

Large, sweeping, dance inspired abstractions are what Andrea McCuaig has on exhibition at the Form Gallery at Queanbeyan. Her works are sometimes in black and white tones and others are full of explosive reds and oranges.

Some sample pics and gallery materials are below.


Places and people of Interest – Kate Hine and Maxine Price @ Form Studio and Gallery

Until May 23 2017

Kate Hine creates wonderful collages in black and white that draw on house and home in a life that involved regular moves. The works are drawn from family memorabilia and drawings she has done at earlier times.

Maxine Price creates marvellous pottery figures that have a sense of fun and at times an aura of melancholy.  She has a set of creations now that model the style she has refined to high art. There are only a small number but each one is a charming and heart warming reflection of humanity.

Pics of works by both artists below.

Lynne Flemons Walking at Weereewa: Abandoned Shorelines @ Form Studio and Gallery

Until May 23

Lynne Flemmons created a set of beautiful works that reflect the shorelines of Weereewa (Lake George). The works have a truly delightful set of connections with the region. Having travelled through the area hundreds of times the sight of wire, fencing, timber and other normal detritus from years of sporadic farming and human habitation. The images below show the style.

About the Park @ Form Studio and Gallery

Eight artists Di Broomhall, Dianna Budd, Val Gee, Meelan Oh, Sacha Nixon,
Julie Sabur, Kerry Shepherdson and Rosemary von Behrens combined to create a nature focused exhibition at Form Studio and Gallery

The blurb reads: A group of Canberra artists have headed off into the bush to explore the reserves and bush land in and around Canberra.  The eight artists, have produced work from field studies that have culminated in an exhibition and contemporary look at the Canberra Nature Park.

The works range from abstract paintings though to great constructions of discarded pieces of nature woven into sculpture. Pictures below reflect the diversity of takes on the Nature Park.