Julie Bartholemew – Tread Carefully @ Beaaver Galleries

18 May – 4 June 2017

Julie Bartholemew in her Tread Carefully exhibition at Beaver Galleries engages some of the thorny issues of humans living and working on this planet. She combines a certain classy elegance with some confronting content to make it clear that we need to treat gently on planet Earth.

Using scientific equipment and chemical accoutrements created out of white porcelein she tweaks the items to convey a great message of care of the environment and respect for the plant life on the areas we live in. Each item has elegant copperplate writing that conveys information.

I did not have my camera so I only have gallery stuff below

Submersive Botanica – Julie Bartholemew @ Craft ACT Gallery

Art is about ideas and some people have great ideas. Julie Bartholomew has an exhibition on at present in the gallery of the Craft ACT upstairs off Civic Square.

She is keen on scientific research into respect for our ecology and uses her art to speak into the issues she discovers. This exhibition is made out of porcelain yet often looks anything like it. At times she has it look like plastic and at others it is like jelly.

Her objects are collections of pieces that are mounted with environmental references housed in and on things that are hostile to the environment – machine guns and plastic detergent bottles. There is a purity about porcelain that is antithetical to polution yet Bartholomew uses this very quality to highlight these things.

Below is the gallery sheet and some pictures taken off websites

IMAG0005 IMAG0006 IMAG0007Rarely seen 2 Rarely seen