Places and people of Interest – Kate Hine and Maxine Price @ Form Studio and Gallery

Until May 23 2017

Kate Hine creates wonderful collages in black and white that draw on house and home in a life that involved regular moves. The works are drawn from family memorabilia and drawings she has done at earlier times.

Maxine Price creates marvellous pottery figures that have a sense of fun and at times an aura of melancholy.  She has a set of creations now that model the style she has refined to high art. There are only a small number but each one is a charming and heart warming reflection of humanity.

Pics of works by both artists below.

Kate Hine and Maxine Price – In the slow lane @ Form Studio and Gallery

Twinning pottery and painting works well in and exhibition. Maxine Price contributes the stark ceramic sculptures and Kate Hine creates the paintings. Kate talked us through her background in many homes that educate her work that focuses on home and change. I have included some snaps of both artists work below
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