Myth and memory in recent American landscape photography @ Photospace National Gallery of Australia

The new set of photos exhibited in the Photospace at the National Gallery of Australia explores the photography of a group of people dealing with the intersection between ideal landscapes and the intrusion of the human constructed landscape. The space has been shortened because of overflow accommodation for the Turrell exhibition but the set of black and white shots are each a classic.
The photographers include Frank Gohlke, Mark Ruwedel, Mark Klett and Linda Connor. I have included some web sourced pics because my phone does not do much with high reflection issues with photos behind glass. I wish I could have got Ruwedel’s pictures of the landscapes around US nuclear bomb test sites. They are a site for sore eyes.
Frank Gohlke,

1 Gohlke
Mark Ruwedel,
1 Ruwedel
Mark Klett,
1 Klett
Linda Connor
1 Connor