Lines of Sight: Fiding the Sublime in Canberra @ M16 Artspace

17 Aug – 3 Sept 2017

Seven artists have collaborated on this exhibition. The artists are all experienced and respected with varied practice specialisations and approaches to their art. All of the artists haveĀ  woven Canberra into their art.The pictures below give a sense of the range within the exhibition

6cm of Prostrate Cancer – Manuel Pfeiffer @ M16 Artspace

15 June – 2 July 2017

Being in my 60s Prostate Cancer has been a regular part of conversations in my world for at least a decade. With that background Manuel Pfeiffer’s exhibition was a combination of quite confronting images and panels that were funny. The representations of various aspects of this condition were wonderful in their touching engagement with a deadly but regularly slow moving condition.

Pics are below

Faces in watercolour – Jill Mail @ M16 Artspace

15 June – 2 July 2017

Jill Mail has a gift for revealing people using watercolour paint. Her exhibition at M16 includes some delightful faces and personalities in simple format face portraits. It is always fun to come face to face with another human being rendered by an artist.

The blurb reads:

As an artist who has always painted in water colour, Mail has taken on the challenge to paint portraits from life in this medium.

The artist states ‘I attempt to paint swiftly but accurately and to convey a likeness and personality of the sitter. I do not take photographs. Water colour is unforgiving but I continue to persevere & enjoy the struggle with this fascinating medium. Sometimes I am pleased with the result.’

Sample pics below