Thea Katauskas – Green Space @ M16 Artspace

4-21 May 2017

Thea Katauskas – Green Space @ M16 Artspace

Bold and full shadows are the rich Canberra suburban paintings created by Thea Katauskas. The inner suburbs of Canberra have a distinctive look – the trees the housing, the curvey streets all combine to create that unique look.

Below are a sample of her works and the gallery sheet.

Labyrinths of the mind – Sholto Morton @ M16 Artspace

25 May – 11 June 2017

In chatting with Sholto Morton at the opening I got an insight into his approach in creating his rich tapestries of painted intricassy. Standing in front of these the mind goes from thoughts of Persian carpets to Hindu tapestries but those references are not the same as these complex intriguing works of careful construction and beautiful choices of colour.

Some pics below (Do not do these works justice) and gallery materials

The Darkness Torch – Louisa Giffard @ M16 Artspace

25 May 11 June 2017

Louisa Giffard has an exhibition that demonstrates the big range of styles and skills she has as an artist. There are watercolours, woodblock prints and digital prints on MDF in this exhibition but the styles are delightfully rich in range.

Included in this show is a set of 26 watercolour and ink pictures of the Bremen Town Musicians. They are vivid and sometimes confronting as you might expect of something drawn from a Grim Brothers tale.

Below are some sample pics and the gallery material.

James Rowell – The Age of meaninglessness… @ M16 Artspace

28 May – 11 June 2016

The age of meaninglessness has ended – Art, Empirical and Ideal is the title of the exhibition of work by James Rowell at M16 Artspace. The works are a set of texture rich small paintings mainly in colour pairs that combine vibrant colour with occasional bands of stenciled words inbedded in the paint surface.

There is gallery material and sample pics below.

The age of meaninglessness has ended, Art, Empirical and Ideal

Ella Whateley – Breathing Space @ M16 Artspace

13-30 April 2017

Ella Whateley has exhibited a single painting of varied coloured vertical stripes in the space normally allocated to video creations. Her painting is interestingly lit from behind but the canvas is not translucent so the effect is basically a halo effect. There are religious meditation aspects in the construction at the back. The picture and the gallery material is below.


Phillip Alldis – New work @ M16 Artspace

13-30 April 2017

There are artists that have a most distinctive look and Phillip Alldis is one such artist. This show is a beautiful set of woven images of layers overlaid in lots of interesting shapes and styles. Alldis works in charcoal and his choices of people and lettering gets his viewers to try to work out visual puzzles of overlaid images. Intriguing and beautiful images.

Pictures and gallery material below

8 Paintings Yanni Pounartzis @ M16 Artspace

2 – 19 March 2017

The web page for this began In 8 Paintings Pounartzis’ continues on his project of “the creation of mystery through illusionary forms”. This series sees Pounartzis deviate from his previous works which focused on a series hovering planes to shapes which actually penetrate the canvas.

These paintings were geometric with with planes of single colour intersecting while heading to different horizons.A couple of pics below give the sense of the show.