M16 Artspace Del Cooley and Caroline Deeble – Interweaving Passion

Cooley and Deeble at M16

These two artists have collaborated in a huge exhibition of their shared passion for painting their sense of the landscapes we all inhabit. They have a different approach to representing our world with Caroline Deeble using watercolour on paper more with Del Cooley focusing on oils on canvas, The range of their work goes from sea to mountains from abstract to realistic and they include lots of highly designed works. Prices of the ninety works on show range from $600 to nearly $9,000. The show ends on this coming weekend Sunday February 6 2022

Website https://www.m16artspace.com.au

Del Cooley https://www.delcooley.com/


18 artists – Plate Show – Just Desert

Collectable domestic plates are a phenomena in vast numbers of nations and cultures. This exhibition features fifty six samples of the art by eighteen artists in a delightful range of styles. Some are amusing some are simple and many are works of art on a plate. Fun to see this art form being fostered through M16 Artspace.

Website: https://www.m16artspace.com.au/work-forteh

Eve Van Gorsel, Manuel Pfeiffer – Congruent – Incongruent at M16 Artspace

Finishing on Sunday November 21 2021 this exhibition matches two artists cooperating in seeking to illustrate our human wrestling with congruence and incongruence. The artists lay out small works that have the viewer work between images that have some similarities and differences. The impression is that we the viewers have puzzles to work with. It is a beautiful and complex set of creations. Eva works to Congruence and Manuel works on Incongruence.

Website: https://www.m16artspace.com.au/work-forte

Mark Mohel, Macdonald Nichols, and Peter Raynard – Plein Air – High Plain at M16 Artspace

This exhibition ends on Sunday November 21 2021 but I mention it here for history. These three photographers have created a wonderful set of black and white photographs of large scale landscapes. From Canberra thee look local as they were all shot o the Monaro plains between Canberra and Cooma.

Website: https://www.m16artspace.com.au/work-forte

Black and White Edges – Alana Ford at M16 Artspace

Kurt Cobain by Alana Ford at M16 Artspace

Fourteen black and white paintings ranging from the portrait style of Kurt Cobain above to fully abstract images form the exhibition by Alana Ford on at M16 Artspace over this weekend. This is the weekend of the reopening of M16 Artspace

Website for M16 Artspace is https://www.m16artspace.com.au/work-forte

TESTAMUR from Canberra Art Workshop at M16 Artspace

Three of the works part of the TESTAMUR exhibition

For three days after lock up Gallery 2 at the M16 Artspace is host to the annual show of the Canberra Art Workshop (CAW). This group is located at the M16 studios and includes a broad range of artist from novices to long term practicioners. There is a big range of styles and quality in this show.

The website for M16 is: https://www.m16artspace.com.au/work-forte

Skating on thin ice – Keith Bailey @ M16 Artspace

6-23 July 2017

This exhibition in July resulted from a trip Keith Bailey took to Antarctica. The display combines black and white photographic prints with grand icy blue paintings. The blue is a richer hue than what I have seen in other works out of the area but the impression on the long wall of the space truly evokes the unoccupied spacial grandeur of the massive ice sheets. Pics and gallery material give insight to Bailey’s great sense of the area.

Figurative Visions @ M16 Artspace

6-23 July 2017

Three artists cooperated to produce an exhibition of sensitive out of focus treatments of various subject matters at M16 in july. All three artists showed a similar gentle take on their art. Pictures below show the range of their approaches. The three artists were Roger Beale, Rick Cochrane and Chan Dissanayake.

Amandeep Kuar -Liminal Spaces @ M16 Artspace

6-23 July 2017

Through the means of photo montages Amandeep Kuar creates remarkable thought provoking considerations of how spaces interact. Each of these works integrates pieces of scenes that are not usually seen together but the results are special.

Below are some samples and the gallery sheet.