Jimmy Langer – Retrograde @ Megalo Print Studio and Gallery

29 July – 19 August 2017

Jimmy Langer works in print on paper and print on transparent perspex. Each form involves layered elements that can be swirling abstract or almost tartan like geometric interwoven strong coloured grids.The perspex sheets are playful in that the viewer can get a different sense from any angle you care to view them from

Pics below give you a sense of Langer’s work



Press vs Screen @ Megalo Print Studio and Gallery

19 Nov – 10 Dec 2016

The current show at Megalo is a great one. Eighty five works created by members of the studio. They have created their works primarily through presses and screens. The beaut feature for Christmas shoppers at this time of year is that the prices are generally low and there is a big range of sizes and types.

There is one more weekend to go and see it as I publish this. There are some samples and a price list below.

dsc01790 dsc01791 dsc01792 dsc01794 dsc01802 dsc01810 dsc01813 imag0023 imag0024 imag0025 imag0026 imag0027

Press Print @ Megalo Print Studio and Gallery

24 Sept – 15 October 2016

Megalo participates in the ANU Early Artist Support Scheme EASS and this exhibition features among others three of the artists. There are sixteen works on display and of these works there are nine artists. There a pile of methods in these prints and the overall impressing is striking.

Below are some samples and the gallery sheet

20161008_114824 20161008_114855 20161008_115003 20161008_115008 20161008_115023 20161008_115029 20161008_115130 20161008_115145 20161008_115233 20161008_115252imag0010 imag0011 imag0012 imag0013 imag0014 imag0015 imag0016 imag0017 imag0018 imag0033 imag0034

Ex Libris – Celebrating the art of the bookplate @ Megalo print studio and gallery

I rarely miss a Megalo exhibition. The current one reminds me why I have this commitment. The curators have brought together a collection of print makers to create over 100 book drawn to about A6 size. They are beautiful truly beautiful.

I will put a set below to give a sense of these creations but as always there is special awe in the presence of the texture and the small intricacy of these miniature artworks. I loved the Islamic design influenced ones and I loved some of the stark black and white ones.

The creativity of the output of the Megalo gang constantly impresses me.

20160618_112514 20160618_112523 20160618_112552 20160618_112556 20160618_112604 20160618_112650 20160618_112715 20160618_112728 20160618_112757 20160618_112803 IMAG0001 IMAG0002 IMAG0003 IMAG0004

Exchange 21 years of Southern Highlands Printmakers @ Megalo Print Studio and Gallery

26 SeptĀ  – 17 Oct 2015

There was a great exhibition recently that featured the work of 26 printmakers from the Southern Highlands of NSW. Each exhibitor had three works up and so the range was marvelous. It is rare to get such a huge range of styles from such a diverse group of artists and it is delightful to see in the one room the skills expressed in such fascinating ways..

Below are some samples and the gallery sheet.

20151010_110817 20151010_110839 20151010_111154 20151010_111210 20151010_111314 20151010_111434 20151010_111807 IMAG0028 IMAG0029 IMAG0030 IMAG0031 IMAG0032


Endless Transience of Being – Peter McLean @ Megalo Print Studio and Gallery

29 Aug – 19 sept 2015
This was a striking set of prints. There is an ethereal look about these works. The black on white with frosted edges to all the images. I found the interplay between humans, landscape and other forms fascinating. Print making comes in many forms and these have a beauty that did not require colour to make them striking.
Some pics below








Death of a Broadsheet – Alison Alder @ Megalo Print Studio and Gallery

A print studio doing a show entitled in “Death of a Broadsheet” seems a natural fit. Alison Alder has created some large prints that combine methods and styles that evoke the era of newspapers. There are enlarged imgaes of people like Robert Menzies. The first part of the layout of the exhibition is on the wall like galley proof sheets were stuck in the glory ages.The other part of the show is set out on a frame that looks just like a printing press that even has switches that would allow the presses to run. Colourful and evocative of what is nearly a past era, this is a fun exhibition.
Pics and gallery sheet