Ann Zahalka – Landscape revisited @ Murray Art Museum Albury

26 May – 5 Nov 2017

Ann Zahalka gives you a new take on iconic Australian paintings. She takes familiar landscape paintings and inserts new people to give them a cheekily different take on their place in our history. Each of these artworks have a funny side to them. One which originally had an English pioneer couple preparing to build their first house among tall gum trees now features a set of post World War Two Italian migrants sitting in the same scene.

The gallery page is below.

Windmill Trust Exhibition 20th Anniversary @ Murray Art Museum Albury

14 Sept – 22 Oct 2017

There is a great varied exhibition at Murray Art Museum Albury. The exhibition brings together a variety of work including sculpture, print, oil and watercolour paintings, video performance and photography. It is the 20th Anniversary Windmill Trust Exhibition.

The artists featured in the exhibition include: Camille Kersley, Christine McMillan, Stephanie Jones, Sarra Robertson, Tom Doherty, Jonathan Throsby, Sandra McMahon, Samantha Small, Rachel Ellis, Andy Townsend, Craig Cameron, Tracy Luff, Jane Lander, Nicole Welch, Bradley Hammond, Sally Williams, James Blackwell, Rochelle Summerfield, Harrie Fasher, Duke Albada.

I particularly loved a set of works created out of Echidna quills

Gallery link below


Nguram Gang – Home district @ Murray Art Museum Albury

14 Sept – 15 Oct 2017

I love it when galleries highlight either or both student art and local artistry. The Nguram Gang exhibition at Murray Art Museum Albury is an excellent case of this combination. The gallery is host to an art project from the Finlay Primary School in which the students created objects reflecting many traditional indigenous arts. The thing I liked most was the table full of bark huts. The students had created a set of houses from pieces of tree bark that were scale models of tent like dwellings. The artistry and simplicity was great.

The gallery link is below

David Taylor and Rowand Taylor Kati Thanda (Lake Eyre) 15 Below @ Murray Art Museum Albury

This is a truly stunning set of arial photographs taken in the area of Kati Thanda during an period in 2016 when the periodical water mass was 80% full. When you walk into this space you would normally assume these were creatively developed paintings or a stunningly beautiful landscape. The fact that they are photographs though surprising emerges from close inspections of some of them when rivers and other features are clear. Many of them could be abstract paintings The scale and complexity of the landscapes and the diverse colours and textures are awe inspiring.

The father and son team have done lots of separate exhibition and this is their first collaboration. There are pics and gallery materials below.

20161222_114528 20161222_114538 20161222_114549 20161222_114630 20161222_114648 20161222_114706 20161222_114828 20161222_114848 20161222_114854 20161222_114910 20161222_114925

Summer Pop – Alasdair Macintyre – The Adventures of Aecap @ Murray Art Museum Albury

18 November 2016 – 22 January 2017

This exhibition is a gold one for the summer holidays. It is targeted at the young and has lots of interactive materials in it in which you can climb, draw, make paper figures and have your photo taken against fun bakgrounds. The walls are covered by brilliant primary colour dominant pictures that are matched to sculptures in Perspex boxes that all refer to the creative process and the underlying traditions of story telling. Several of the works are very funny and all display a wonderful sense of colour and its role in creativity.

Pictures and gallery activity sheet below

20161222_114028 20161222_114047 20161222_114119 20161222_114127 20161222_114136 20161222_114149 20161222_114244 20161222_114304 20161222_114350 20161222_114433

Australian Photography Competition 2016 @ Murray Art Museum Albury

Modern photography is adventurous. The exhibition at the Murray Art Museum Albury of the finalists in the 2016 Australian Photography competition demonstrates the exciting things that are being done with photography in this era.

I do not know what the rules are but these are not point and click products. Many of them have been constructed from several preexisting elements. Some examples have a three dimensional depth to them and others have an abstract feel. There is a contrasting variety of use of black and white, single colour or an explosion of amazing numbers of colours.

Subject matter range from vintage to icons, from people to places and scenes reflecting both the past and the present.  There are very few works there that are not suitable to be present among finalists in a national photography competition.

Sample pics below

0 Intro 1 8 18 24 41 51a 65 71 99 101 104


Mumula Giilang – Grandfather Story – Bethany Thornber @ Murray Art Museum Albury

Bethany Thornber has created a reflection on her Pop through a set of natural elements including trees, wool and vegetation. It has a real sense of the bush and location in the choice of the elements and decoration. It is a a reflection of the life on an indigenous boy growing up on the banks of the Lachlan River.

It was a delight to be able to walk in and around the elements of this work of art.

Pics and gallery stuff below.

20160702_103954 20160702_104005 20160702_104031 20160702_104037 20160702_104043 20160702_104118 20160707_195818 20160707_195836

Sam Juparulla Wickman – Black | White @ Murray Art Museum Albury

Indigenous glass art is a rich presence in the current art world. This set produced by  Sam Juparulla Wickman is a stunningly beautiful contribution to the field. The main works on exhibition are striking black and white shields in glass. The use of very traditional Indigenous styles and the rich high gloss glass surfaces produce eye catching works which are accompanied by a stunning black and white painting on the wall. A small space but a rich visual feast.

Pics and gallery stuff below.

1 4 5 6 9 11 group 20160707_195939 20160707_195949

Jo Bertini – Hortusus – Conclusus @ Murray Art Museum Albury

Landcape inspired lots of great art. Jo Bertini has created a great set of representations of her territory in the local Murray region. They are earthy and vibrantly coloured. Fifteen of them are full oil paintings and the others are drawings. The exhibition is in a square room with an exhibition space in the middle and part of that is semicircular for the drawings to be seen in concave layout.

Below are some pics and some gallery materials.

1 4 7 16 18 21 20160707_195850 20160707_195904 20160707_195918 20160707_195929