Old Butter Factory in Myrtleford Victoria


On the way into Myrtleford in Victoria a few days ago we stopped at the Old Butter Factory. I love old buildings and especially re-purposed buildings. This is an actual Butter Factory that has now been reworked into a modern business with reference to its history. Apparently economic changes and dairy industry reconfiguration led to the factory being uneconomic and 40 years ago it closed. The current owners opened this business seven years ago and have woven several strands into it – all of which have links to the history.
They have kept the building largely intact with one section devoted to pristine dairy and butter machinery in their special gleaming stainless steel. There are tours and great information panels to explain the processes and the whole space is viewable through glass walls. They have set up wonderful shop selling all sorts or cheeses and dairy linked products and there is a cheerful and seemingly popular cafe selling the usual but also a dairy rich set of cakes to go with your drinks. It was too early for us to stop and eat and have coffee but we enjoyed just mooching around and chatting with the staff. Online that night I found their fascinating website on which you can get a much better sense of all aspects of the Old Butter Factory.