The Art of the Gija People @ Nancy Sever Gallery

10 May – 4 June 2017

The exhibition schedule at the Nancy Sever Gallery includes a wonderful number of indigenous art shows. In May the art of the GIja People was on display. The selection of works was beautiful and the traditional vibe was everywhere. Sample pics and gallery materials are below.

Suzanne Moss – Make Light of it @ Nancy Sever Gallery

4 Feb – 5 Mar 2017

Suzanne Moss creates shimmering pastel geometric artworks. The variegated pale pastel works are intersected with varied geometric triangles, oblongs, squares and other geometric shapes  The choice of pale pastels makes viewing an activity that requires concentration. The choice of hanging the works on white walls was interesting. I tried to imagine what impact it would make to put them on a strong coloured wall.

Below is the gallery sheet and some pics but there is special depth and excitement in viewing them in a gallery.

img_20170216_170836 img_20170216_170845 img_20170216_170926 img_20170216_170931

imag0008 imag0009 imag0010 imag0011




Michael Taylor New Painting @ Nancy Sever Gallery

26 October – 20 November 2016

Michael Taylor created some spectacular grand scale and multi layered images of our natural world for the recent exhibition at the Nancy Sever Gallery. Taylor has some grand scale views combined with some fine detailed close ups. His output is gorgeous in his eighties.

Pictures below

20161117_165145 20161117_170433 20161117_170521 20161117_170534 20161117_170733 20161117_170753

Milingimbi Artists @ Nancy Sever Gallery

20 July – 21 August 2016

Joe Dhamanydji, Raymond Bulambula, Helen Ganalmirriwuy and Margaret Rarru are four senior artist. Their work is on display in a fabulous exhibition at the Nancy Sever Gallery in Kingston. All the works are large and have a traditional indigenous aesthetic about them.

It finishes on the weekend and I have included some snaps and the information rich flyer below.

20160819_164753 20160819_164913 20160819_165014 20160819_165131IMAG0008 IMAG0009 IMAG0010 IMAG0011

Women Artists from Warmun @ Nancy Sever Gallery

For my records the Women Artists from Warmun at Nancy Sever Gallery were covered on her website and in the Canberra Times

Riedelbauch, Amesbury and George @ Nancy Sever Gallery

Fri 8 April – Sun 1 May

The three artists contributing to the current exhibition at the Nancy Sever Gallery are according to Nancy good friends so the collaboration for this showing was fairly natural. For me the combination was a thrill to see such high quality work in three different media all in one space.

Mel George is exhibiting a set of small frosted glass panels that have certain development in markings, colour transitions, and a variety of colours and intensity. The colours are wonderfully cheerful and have mostly autumnal tones.

Avi Amesbury has an amazing range of ceramic creations with an attractive set of glazes and decoration. Large fruit plates are functional and a tall creation using aset of objects onto which is written a poem is more an straight object of art. All her work is attractive and demonstrates her great skill as an artist.

Gilbert Riedelbauch works in gloss finished strong coloured aluminium sheets moulded into geometric shapes and forms. When you walk into the space the simple, modern look of the objects is bold and clear. I had not encountered his work before and find it delightful to look at.

There is some gallery material below and some pics that can give you a sense of the three artists.

20160415_142113 20160415_142129 20160415_142153 20160415_142236 20160415_142303 20160415_142332 20160415_142512 Image (55) Image (56) Image (57) Image (58)

Janenne Eaton – Reef @ Nancy Sever Gallery

30 Sept – 25 Oct 2015

“Janenne Eaton is well known for glossy abstract gridded paintings that in their complex navigation of surfaces and depths, turn our attention to political and social terrain(s).” is the way the gallery sheet introduces this exhibition. When you walked into this gallery you are struck by brilliant collour with embedded materials that reflect and glow. The gallery is spectacular in its display of colour.

There is a good explanation on the gallery sheet and I have included some of the pics that were on display.

20151010_114105 20151010_114223 20151010_114310 20151010_114356 20151010_114442 20151010_114449 IMAG0024 IMAG0025 IMAG0026 IMAG0027