The international exhibition of Sherlock Homes @ Powerhouse Museum Sydney

Until October 8

In my six decades of life I do not think Sherlock has been absent from any of those. This exhibition at the Powerhouse is a testament to the multi layered phenomenon that flows from the Arthur Conan Doyle character

The exhibition has wonderful stage sets, ephemera, inter-actives, puzzles to solve and heaps of fascinating text. I loved the complexity of the experience. Grandparents were competing with primary school children to solve mysteries and get their sheets stamped. Lots of people were having fun experiences with the many interactive exhibition elements. People like me followed the museum richness of the space which includes vast amounts of the historical expressions of this phenomena including the many forms of comics, other languages, pottery representations, typed manuscripts and heaps of other fascinating stuff.

The whole exhibition is done in low light and the experience was increased by the constant presence of the hubub of people of all ages.

Some images below give a sense of what the experience is like

Love is – Australian wedding fashion @ Powerhouse Museum Sydney

Until 22 April 2018

The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney does a fabulous job of focusing on design. This exhibition gives a charming insight into the changes in design and thinking about the clothing worn as people go through wedding ceremonies in Australia over the last couple of centuries.

One entry walks you through the early European examples of wedding dresses. They are generally full length and pale in colour but there are strong colours present. The fascinating overlay is the indigenous music playing in the background.

The rest of the exhibition walks you through lots of sumptuously created clothing which culminates in a display of examples of wedding clothes inspired by several cultures represented within the Australian community. I loved one that was made in the colours of the Aboriginal flag.

Pics below give a partial insight into the riches on display.

Interface – Machines @ Powerhouse Museum Sydney

15 Aug 2014 – 11 Oct 2015
We live in a world in which our lives are increasingly interfacing with gadgets and machines. The Powerhouse exhibition Interface addresses this issue through a group of designers and design focused businesses to examine the development and interconnection of these groups of equipment. People my age remember lots of development of a writing machine called a type writer from mechanical to electric to portable to obsolete and into a museum. Ollivetti and IBM are the chosen examples in this exhibition to track the business machines. Apple and Braun are taken through music development and several other well known sources of Interfacing machine companies are worked through. It was as it always is charming to see objects out of our past. I almost got misty eyed with joy at the sight of that Apple computer that looked like a wine cask with a screen on it. That machine was the first time I got computing because I did not have to fill my head with MS Dos instructions.
Some pics below







Recollect – Underwear @ Powerhouse Museum Sydney

There is a delightful small exhibition of underwear on at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. The blurb speaks of “Naughty and Nice” which is what you might expect in a show of this kind. The exhibition included good history like Chesty Bond (including statue) . It draws attention to the powerful presence of Australian companies in this global industry. Some of the items are for street wear but some are strictly for the boudoir. Most of the material is women’s underwear as the boom in male designer underwear did not occur till recently. This set is drawn from the Museum’s collection and seems to be a sensible exhibition in such a place.
Sample pics below








2014 Good Design Awards @ Powerhouse Museum Sydney

Each year at the Powerhouse Museum there is a display of the award winners in the 2014 Good Design Awards. Each year it is fascinating. This year the finalists include lighting systems, parking meters, fruit delivery boxes, sustainable buildings and a optical fibre manometry catheter. I am not a technical type but there is something inspiring about learning about these marvelous problem solvers and their creations.
Pictures below








Recollect – Play Trains @ Powerhouse Museum Sydney

6 June 2015 – February 2016
The toy trains in this exhibition are “out of the box”. The curators say this is a style of exhibition with minimal context. The trains are displayed simply and directly lined up in display cases or on basic rails.
For the collector or the older viewer you bring your own context and memory to the display which can be rich and experiential. For the children I watched viewing the displays their background was less visceral but through the popularity of Thomas the Tank Engine still brings a certain interest and experience. The children seemed engaged and so did the parents and grandparents.








A Fine Possession Jewelery & Identity @ Powerhouse Museum

A Fine Possession Jewellery & Identity @ Powerhouse Museum Sydney
One of the best exhibitions I have seen in years I came upon almost by accident. A Fine Possession Jewelery & Identity is a complex survey of the use of jewellery in many cultures and eras. The exhibition is broken up into issues of religion, status, wealth and power before opening the field up into the new contemporary adventurous forms of expression.
I have to say I was truly awestruck at the complexity of the creativity involved in so many items on display. The pieces range from tiny exquisite earings and pins through to ostentatious grand scale wealth declaring creations. The curators have woven together a broad ranging collection from many sources including islander status objects and wealthy women’s decorations.
The second half of the exhibition walks you through contemporary creative examples of the jewellers art. Here there are collected some truly startling pieces. Some are truly huge and almost unwearable. Some are intricately complex and all combine in a rich celebration of human colour and creativity. I spent a couple of hours absorbed in this beautiful collection with a deep sense of thankfulness to the curators and the creators of every aspect of this spectacular collection of beautiful objects.
Some pics below