Time becomes form @ ANU School of Arts Foyer Gallery

26 July – 6 August 2016

The website blurb reads:Time Becomes Form is an exhibition of sculptural works which focus on form and materiality as a way to explore lived time. Rather than constructing a narrative or employing figurative imagery, the works in the show use raw materials to reveal a presence of time throughout its broad range of media. From Vaseline to video, the works in Time Becomes Form open dialogue about time, form and process into the physical gallery space.

Sabrina Baker, Rachel Bilal, Oscar Capezio, Amelia Chapman, Kati Görgényi, Lei Lei Kung and Adam Veikkanen.are the exhibiting artists

The materials range from cling film, rocks, sticky tape

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Exploring the circle – Rachel Bilal @ M16 Artspace

“Making art is the air I breathe,” says emerging artist Rachel Bilal. Her irrepressible need to make draws her towards intricate forms and meticulous processes.
In Exploring the Circle Bilal’s drawings, maquettes, sculptures and paintings combine in her articulation of the “endless possibility of the circle as a universal form” are the lines in the gallery sheet that introduce the work on display called Emerging the circle.at M16 Artspace. The  sculptural work teases out circular objects made of metal thread and other materials. Circles are the centre of these works and they are all wonderfully creatively woven.

The pics and gallery sheets are below

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