The Rural Series Ray Mc Jannett @ Belconnen Arts Centre

This guy is apparently a museum trained photographer and it shows. His ability to nail old properties with a sense of history makes each of his pictures enjoyable to explore. All but one of the shots were of old buildings in this region. There were inside and outside shots, colour and black and white and all of them had an awareness of light and reflection. Shearer’s quarters, a woman at a table, an empty blue room and a room with a glass crockery cabinet in which the rural yard was reflected from around the corner in the room through a window all demonstrated the expertese of this great chronicle of our past. Nothing better than a well taken set of photographs.
Below is the gallery sheet. The exhibition was in that open space at Belconnen in which the reflections were so strong in the glass that I could not get any shots on my phone. The one on the cover is mis-chosen as it was the only non built one in the set.