In the Flesh @ National Portrait Gallery

This is an unusual exhibition. On some levels it is a shock, on other levels it is both touching and engaging. The types of portraits, their styles, subject matter and media vary greatly.
The Sam Jinks stuff is very confronting in its realistic creations of human sculpture and its comfort with the naked across a big age range.
The ten artists involved are: Jan Nielson, Natasha Bieniek, Patricia Piccinini. Juan Ford, Petina Hicks, Ron Mueck, Sam Jinks, Michael Peck, Yani Floros, Robin Eley.
There are highly stylised colour photos, there are small paintings, large photographs, sculptures of various types, a walk through area with hanging fabric and boxes in which you can feel materials without seeing them.
The overall point is to build a sense of human experience through a body. Each work engages that experience in a different way. I have attached a set of pictures from the exhibition below.
NPG page for the exhibition