Windmill Trust Exhibition 20th Anniversary @ Murray Art Museum Albury

14 Sept – 22 Oct 2017

There is a great varied exhibition at Murray Art Museum Albury. The exhibition brings together a variety of work including sculpture, print, oil and watercolour paintings, video performance and photography. It is the 20th Anniversary Windmill Trust Exhibition.

The artists featured in the exhibition include: Camille Kersley, Christine McMillan, Stephanie Jones, Sarra Robertson, Tom Doherty, Jonathan Throsby, Sandra McMahon, Samantha Small, Rachel Ellis, Andy Townsend, Craig Cameron, Tracy Luff, Jane Lander, Nicole Welch, Bradley Hammond, Sally Williams, James Blackwell, Rochelle Summerfield, Harrie Fasher, Duke Albada.

I particularly loved a set of works created out of Echidna quills

Gallery link below


Strathnairn by the Lake @ Belconnen Arts Centre

Canberra is blessed with several large vital arts communities.  One of the greats is Strathnairn out on a property beyond Holt in Belconnen. The artists inhabit what look like farm buildings and a farm house has been turned into a cafe, gallery and shop. The shows by members are varied and give great insight into the community’s creativity.

The Belconnen Arts Centre is hosting a delightful exhibition titled Strathnairn by the Lake in which there are samples of the creative production by nearly 20 artists from the Holt centred community. The items on display include paintings and various approaches to art on the wall and metal and earth based sculpture works. The range is wide and many of the artists are well known in the districts.

Samantha Small has a fascinating set of photographs on glass called Westlake Project. Carolyn Fitzpatrick has a watercolour called Still silent morning. Sheila Lyn has a couple of attractive hand built sculptural fine clay pots. Avi Amesbury has some classy looking white porcelain useful objects titled the “After the fire series” decorated with volcanic ash. Jo Hollier has a viscoscity monoprint titled “Sunshine and shadow” These are just a few of a wonderful collection of art on display in the gallery.

Camera snaps and the gallery sheet are attached

IMAG6524 IMAG6525 IMAG6530 IMAG6532 IMAG6534 IMAG6540

IMAG0003 IMAG0004 IMAG0005 IMAG0006 IMAG0007 IMAG0008 IMAG0009 IMAG0010 IMAG0011 IMAG0012


Samantha Small Sour Castles @ Canberra Contemporary Art Space Braddon

Samantha Small has an exhibition called Sour Castles at the Canberra Contemporary Art Space Braddon. It is a whole piece. You enter a corridor with several doors opening off it. None of the doors open even the one with a set of keys. One of them has a peep hole through to another work of art. Rater than saying more let me refer you below.


The heart of this exhibition is crisply pictured on her website on the page shown below