Step into the Limelight at M16 Artspace Griffith

Student creative clothing in Walking in the Limelight

An exhibition I love in Canberra each year is the one that features curated art from Government primary and secondary school students in Canberra. The exhibition this year is a great display of work in a large range of media and styles. There is pottery and photography, there is collage and painting, There are more than three hundred works displayed in all three of the M16 exhibition spaces

This is the last weekend for this exhibition. The website is at

Step into the limelight @ ANU School of Art Gallery

July – Aug 2017

An annual exhibition of art created by students in schools in held under the title Ïnto the Limelight. It was exhibited at the ANU School of Arts Gallery. Each year there is a huge range of skills and creativity in this exhibition. The curators take in a big range of ages and the exhibition includes pottery, painting, photography and fashion. There are some samples below to illustrate the range.

Step into the limelight @ ANU School of Art

Last month there was a great exhibition at the ANU School of Art Gallery featuring school student art from many Canberra schools. The range of art on display was huge. Clothing, photography, sculpture, woodwork, painting and other forms of art. I get a buzz being exposed to the creativity and skill of students. Sometimes their work is highly derivative, some is simple reproduction but lots of it is innovative and demonstrates real mastery of their craft. Below is the flyer for the exhibition




Step into the limelight (Canberra school student art) – @ ANU School of Art Gallery

There is an awesome collection of art created by Canberra students at government schools. First of all I think it is wonderful to have public access to such marvelous talent. As I walked around the gallery I was impressed with the diversity of style and approach and master skills and media that was apparent. Most of the standard media and categories were present. The digital photography was particularly exciting. There were great compositions but also some technically exciting working with the media.

Whoever took on the job of curating this did a complex task All grades present from K-12 and the range of schools across the territory was wide. The most impressive for sheer size was a creation by a large number of students from Torrens Primary School telling a story with cut out,written on and arranged hands and feet. It covered a big section of the back wall.

There were some great drawings of both realistic and more abstract. There were creatively constructed clothing items, adventurous sculptures and lots of material that refered to art historyand practice.

I enjoyed this exhibition a lot. Some samples and gallery sheet are below

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