Sydney Open 2014 @ Sydney CBD

This event ticks so many boxes in my areas of interest that I ended the day in a state of ecstasy. Architecture, design, history, art, city planning, people all come together for an enjoyable day out in Sydney CBD on a Sunday.
The event costs a $40 cover charge to gain admission to 50 buildings of various kinds. The buildings range from new built highrise apartments and offices through buildings of sugnificance and utility to marvelous places such as the Hyde Park Barracks which I have been past hundreds of times in my life but have never been inside.
I guess the highlight for me this year was the National Art school as it combined design, architecture, history and art in one venue. I got to do a tour with an architecture whose practice is neck deep in preservation. His tour explained the history and design features of the Gaol that has been converted for use of the Art school. Again as I lived at one stage not long out of high school in a back street near Taylor Square I have walked around this on the way back and forward to the Cross many times and have never been inside. It was fascinating.
In my day from 9.30am to 4.00pm I went to The Mint, The NSW Parliament, 31 Bligh St, The BMA building, History House, Deutsche Bank and several art studios.
The organisers have two intersecting loops of shuttle busses that mean that for the long hauls you do not have to walk which is nice. Every building is attended by well informed enthusiastic volunteers. I loved it and think I will make it part of my calendar for the next decade. One of the bonuses was the surprise that the covered carpark in the Domain was only $10 dollars for the whole day so that for the long drive home to Canberra the car was cool.
Some pics below: