Empire Arts Award @ Tuggeranong Arts Centre

The Tuggeranong Arts Centre is hosting the exhibition of the Finalists in the Empire Global Art Award. The works are varied and demonstrate a delightful creativity in choice and types of art included. The subject material reflects the Centre’s 2017 year focus on animals. The artists have taken interesting approaches to their topics including animals in groups and parts and in lots locations.

I have included a set of pictures below to illustrate the range on show along with some gallery ephemera..

My Country – Ngathu Bubu – Kayannie Denigan @ Tuggeranong Arts Centre

July- August 2017

Occasionally waking into a gallery results in the “Wow” reaction in me.The exhibition of works by Kayannie Denigan brought that reaction out in me.There is the strong link to tradition interwoven with a fabulous of very bright contrast colours with a tasteful combination. The part I love is the use of berry plants and blossoms within the works. The lines, the inclusions and the flat backgrounds combine into items of striking beauty.

Below are some samples of the works on display but they are a pale imitation of the vibrancy on the walls of the gallery

Jennifer Kemarre Martiniello – Ecology Tradition Art @ Tuggeranong Arts Centre

July/August 2017

Jennifer Kemarre Martiniello has been producing great glass for many years. Her work is inspired by lots of indigenous historical and cultural heritage. She has glass objects inspired by fish traps. Her colours and textures are driven by her understanding of her environment.

The current exhibition at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre has twenty two creations that are beautiful and distinctively touched by the Martiniello style

Below are some pics and and gallery materials.

Equs Homo – Steve Harrison @ Tuggeranong Arts Centre

Equs Homo – Steve Harrison  was an exhibition at Tuggerenong Arts Centre till the end of October. In a haunting stark way Harrison created horse head centred works that had an almost spooky vibe about them There are some pic samples below and the web page.

Equus Homo

20161005_110034 20161005_110149 20161005_110208 20161005_110218 20161005_110249 20161005_110258 20161005_110322


Ancients – Brett Carpenter @ Tuggeranong Arts Centre

One description of this exhibition reads “Ancients is a solo exhibition of photographs and watercolour works on canvas exploring the natural, cultural, and magical. Artist Brett Carpenter was born and raised on the south coast of NSW. He is a proud Yuin man and his work reflects his deep spiritual connection to his land and culture.

There are some images below to show the type of works on display”.

20160725_170016 20160725_170023 20160725_170031 20160725_170038 20160725_170045 20160725_170101 20160725_170109 20160725_170121


Tuggeranong Rotary Youth Award Exhibtion @ Tuggeranong Arts Centre

For some years there has been an award for artists under 25 sponsored by Rotary in Tuggeranong. An exhibition of some of the artworks acquired under the award has been held at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre recently. Below are some of the works on display.

20160815_162420 20160815_162432 20160815_162443 20160815_162457 20160815_162540 20160815_162636 20160815_162739 20160815_162856 20160815_162909 20160815_162914 20160815_162917 20160815_162941 20160815_162953.

Menagerie @ Tuggeranong Arts Centre

5-27 August 2016

There was a set of sculptures at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre in August featuring three local artists – Tom Buckland, Rebecca Selleck and Sian Watson. I had seen many of them in previous exhibitions but they formed a marvelous collection  Sample shots are below with the gallery sheet.

20160815_163127 20160815_163148 20160815_163156 20160815_163201 20160815_163213 20160815_163220 imag0028

Alan Lee – Jonquin Mackay Murrumbidgee River 26 @ Tuggeranong Arts Centre

1 September – 1 October 2016

There is a gorgeous set of photographs on exhibition at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre. They are a set taken on a journey down the Murrumbidgee River. The photographer has recorded lots of images of rural and urban features. There is evidence of dilapidation and improvement, beauty and ugliness and it is all presented in beautiful large format colour photographs. I have included some samples below to give the variety.

20160906_151651 20160906_151715 20160906_151722 20160906_151727 20160906_151822 20160906_151836 20160906_151846 20160906_151906 20160906_151923 20160906_151929