Pets @ Tuggerenong Arts Centre

In February this year at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre there was the first of a year long set of exhibitions on animals and our relationships with them. Below are four photos that were on display in the foyer taken to show animals close up and a sense of their attractiveness to us humans.

Veils – Karen Lee @ Tuggerenong Arts Centre

July 2017

Karen Lee had on exhibition a set of beautiful explorations of her take on the environment of the Blue Mountains and the Nepean River in NSW. As an emerging artist she has created gorgeous works centring on birds and other wildlife in their usual environments. There are some gorgeous flower and plant focused creations.

Sample pics and gallery sheet below

Specimens – Taylor Singh @ Tuggerenong Arts Centre

6-29 April 2017

The blurb suggests that this exhibition could be found to be a bit macabre by some viewers. The artist has combined academic studies in Art and Science and has turned specimens from the ANU’s Gould museum into art works. I loved the artistry and the nature of the content even tho I am not a student of anatomy. Have a look at the selections below to see How Singh as turned artifacts of science into art.

FAUNication @ Tuggerenong Arts Centre

Faunication at Tuggerenong Arts Centre was a large exhibition continuing the annual theme of animals in art. The artists took to sculpture using lots of various materials painting and many other media for on wall creations and the overall result was a varitable cornucopia of animal representations. I have included many examples of those on display below.

Bird Life @ Tuggerenong Arts Centre

1 June – 1 July 2017

The blurb for this exhibition reads Bird Life is a curated group exhibition exploring the human connection to birds, and how they capture our imagination. It features works by Byrd, Rachel Bolton, Dianna Budd, Carol Cooke, Linda Davy, Steven Holland, Zinia King and Michael Norris. The exhibition is curated by Narelle Phillips.

These artists put together a great range of styles and and materials all used to convey the variety and beauty of birds in their various environments.

Pics and gallery sheet below.

Seeking Refuge @ Tuggerenong Arts Centre

6-29 October 2016

Sean Davey, Lucile Carson, Euan Graham, Mona Khizam, Penny Ryan, Barak Zelig,  Nicci Haynes and Caren Florance were all involved in a great exhibition at the Tuggerenong Arts Centre that I enjoyed but forgot to write up. Ian warden’s article on it does a much better job of covering it than I ever would so I have just included the link to it and some pics below.

Sparking life – Anna O’Neale @ Tuggerenong Arts Centre

2 Mar – 1 April 2017

Anne Maree O’Neale has surprisingly created an almost warm fuzzy feeling in her works that are made of assemblages of old metal bike parts and other found materials occasionally combined with fur.

The creature like creations are all unique and range from the distorted to the almost lovable. Some are petite and almost frail looking and others are tough and substantial. All have this engaging thing about them that has your attention constantly moving from the materials and the composite parts to the remarkable final product.

See below

Wildwood – Sally Mumford @ Tuggerenong Arts Centre

The latest exhibition at the Tuggerenong Arts Centre has a wonderful Australian bush feel to all its elements. There are heaps of works that exude bush beauty.

The Australian bush is a tough environment yet Sally Mumford evokes a sense of delicateness in her bush inspired works in the exhibition titled Wildwood at the Tuggeranong Arts Centre. Her work ranges from beautiful tree inspired printed fabrics draped from the ceiling to layouts of beautiful timber related found bush objects and spanning some delicately rendered leaf and more abstract elements of our bush landscape.

Pics below and gallery materials


Gabriella Tagliapietra – Seek @ Tuggerenong Arts Centre

Gabriella Tagliapietra has created a wonderful synthesis of patterned fabrics and Australian fauna and flora. The beautiful tones and textures make these works beautiful in a singly Australian look. The tones have that eucalyptus almost smoky look and many of the colours have that leeched pale look and lack those bright reds and blues that rarely occur in the Australian landscape.

The exhibition has information about the fabric creation and there are samples of furniture and soft furniture in the gallery. Some pics below and gallery materials.

img_20170214_163508 img_20170214_163541 img_20170214_163639 img_20170214_163702 img_20170214_163739 img_20170214_163831 img_20170214_163839 img_20170214_163858imag0005 imag0007