Michael Edwards @ ANU SoA Gallery

As part of the season of graduate exhibitions Michael Edwards has an interesting set of works that focus on containers. There are lots of bags, suitcases and other containers. The tones are blues and greens with occasional ventures. An unusual choice of subjects but he has produced a delightful set of artworks.

Pics and gallery sheets below.

20160827_125001 20160827_125009 20160827_125020 20160827_125027 20160827_125107 20160827_125122 20160827_125142 IMAG0016 IMAG0017 IMAG0018

Genevieve Swifte @ ANU SoA Gallery

The ANU School of Arts gallery has a great program of exhibiting graduate works. The exhibition of Genevieve Swifte’s photography is part of that program. These photographs are a set of black and white prints which play around with light and dark and the the blurring of the lines between them. Eighteen prints have an abstract feel to them and give you that puzzling vibe as you sort them out.

Pics and the gallery sheet and blurb below.

20160827_124601 20160827_124614 20160827_124633 20160827_124645 IMAG0015