Myanmar – Aart Groothius @ Huw Davies Gallery

Photographs often have a magic. This set has as its subject the newly opening country Myanmar. My daughter lived in the mountains near the Chinese border for nearly a year so we feel a special affinity with the land. The photos do a great job of portraying a mix of people, place and activity.
I am not a photographer but having seen heaps over the years I love watching composition – this guy does it beautifully.
Two examples are two children looking out a gap in an old building. The children were young, fresh, exuberant and the building was intensely carved dried out and was wearing its age very visibly. The other one that was most remarkable featured a fisherman balanced on the end of a boat with a hand held net that gleamed in the son while the man’s body facing the camera was in complete darkness – truly beautiful.
I did not get any pics but the website has a great PDF as below

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